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Zerkalo.az: How has surpassed Azerbaijan

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Tourist News

Tourism Azerbaijani journalism is not the usual topic – Basically all he writes about politics, However,, When the policy prevails, Everything else is going on in politics..

The realization, that tourism is very important for the country, Baku high offices still 2001 come in, When added to the Ministry of Youth and Sports in the field of tourism.

5 On the economic development of this area was assigned to the Ministry of Culture and the end, 1 State tourism agency was created years ago.

"Patient" suffered badly such a complex administrative operations and why the tourism in Azerbaijan "diseased", clear, if you think about the numbers.

so, numbers! not so long ago, One issue raised so Azerbaijani official: "What is wrong with, that 2018 arrived in the country 3 million tourists spent 2 billion dollars?“..

really, Nothing bad about it was not, However,, good or bad harvest, You can not understand, Before you look into the neighbors' garden to have.

far will not go, confine our region, those in the South Caucasus. Let's take this as a starting point, the beginning of the decade.

2010 In Armenia 678 000 tourists, they had spent 408 million dollars, Azerbaijan – 1,8 million, Income 814 million, in Georgia – 2 million, Income 695 million dollars.

2018 In Armenia arrived 1,6 million tourists (Income 1,1 billion dollars), Azerbaijan – 2,9 million (Income 2 billion dollars), in Georgia – 8,6 million (Income 3,2 billion dollars).

Armenia is in the list and it is not because autsaideria, that it has no exit to the sea. The country has a lot of attractions,, which may be of interest to foreigners. The reason for this situation is more complicated relations 3 2 neighboring countries, However,, It should be noted, that even in this situation, Armenia has a more noticeable increase, than Azerbaijan – revenues were 2.7 times (Azerbaijan 2.5 times), In terms of the number of incoming – 2,4-time (1,6-time).

Here, Georgia is doing wonders – 8 During the year the country's tourism revenues increased by 5 times, but 2018 He produced the record "harvest" brought - 3,2 billion dollars. Imagine, what does it mean 3,2 billion dollars for the country, The budget does not exceed 5 billion dollars.

early, 8 year ago, Georgia and Azerbaijan were completely equal starting, Today Azerbaijan, Georgia 3 times ahead.

Incidentally, Azerbaijanis to hold first place in the neighboring countries of the guests – 1,4 million people a year!!

"what will you do, It is still good, So the way we are moving forward and not standing in one place ". But there is another important issue – To grow at the expense of the tourist industry and who is arriving guests.

in this case, When comparing to the neighboring countries Azerbaijan – sudden attack of optimism disappeared.

for example, The growing number of tourists from India to Armenia (131%), China (107%) and Kazakhstan (83%). In Georgia, more frequently visited by tourists from South Korea (growth 125%), Estonia (85%), China (84%), Romania (654%), Slovakia (62%)M. Holland (59%), Germany (51%), Spain (47%), Belarus (45%), Latvia (44%), Czech Republic (44%), France (36%).

Azerbaijan is the main growth coming from the Persian Gulf countries – Saudi Arabia (2,1-time), Kuwait on (2-time), Qatar on (2-time), Iraq (14,4%) Oman and the (7.6%).

Here, Where the answer leads to a seemingly simple question: – good for you 3 million tourists 2 billion dollars?

This triggers a new questions – Why could not it have improved, which developed a good busy 100 to? as if, Everything is for – Orders, Laws, Ministries, National Tourism Bureau, its regional branches, A separate University of relevant staff, It is also an example of success at last, next to, neighborhood.

There are a lot of investments, The population of the area and the neighbors, the country's dozens of unique Christian or Muslim monument, pagan shrines, friendly population, blue sea, Gold hundreds of kilometers of beaches, 9 climatic zones, National Forest Parks, mountains, Lakes, Geysers, Waterfalls, etnomuzeumebi, modern and beautiful cities…

However,, something lacking. conspicuously lacking.

how do you think, What?

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