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Transformation Of Tbilisi

Transformation Of Tbilisi
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Tbilisi is progressing with the times, socially, politically, economically and physically. There are many projects currently in progress, and many more still being planned, here are some of those projects currently transforming Tbilisi.

Estonian company “KOKO Architects” presented two concepts of turning one of the main attractions of Tbilisi – the television tower on Mount Mtatsminda, into a tourist center. The first concept provides for the construction of a structure to accommodate restaurants, bars, a terrace, a lounge, a conference hall, as well as technical rooms of the television tower.

The second concept involves the construction of a round design with the same functions.

Both concepts caused discontent with architects in Georgia, they found both options problematic. Representatives of public organizations decided to go against the implementation of this project and created a committee to protect this main attraction of Tbilisi.

“The idea of giving the TV tower new functions is very good, but you cannot change the visage of the tower itself,” said Aleko Elisashvili, leader of Tiflis Hamkari.

Back in June it was announced that the tower might be open to tourists soon.

Currently many construction projects are under way in order to better the streets for public transport. Some central streets of Tbilisi are being equipped with special lanes for public transport with several important infrastructure projects which will be finished by the end of October.

The first stage of these projects for example, the rehabilitation of Baratashvili’s ascent; Shartava-Kostava Street has been completed. The underground utilities have been replaced; the drain pipes have been put in order. At the next stage, according to the mayor, it is planned to pave these central streets. And then landscaping work – carrying out bicycle lanes and lines for buses.

“Only buses will be able to use these lines so that the movement of public transport is even faster and more comfortable,” said Kaladze.

Another major focus point for City Hall is Digomi forest park.

Tbilisi City Hall is ready either to buy out private land plots in Digomi Forest Park, or to provide their owners with alternative plots. Private ownership on the territory of Digomi forest park consists of 47 private land plots.

“This is a landscape-recreational zone, and I want to say to everyone – any construction of some type is unacceptable there … I want to appeal to those who own land plots in this particular forest park with a request to cooperate with the capital’s mayor’s office so that we have the opportunity to return these plots, “-said Kaladze.

Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze continues to develop the outskirts of the Georgian capital. In place of the KIA Motors automobile center in the Digomi forest park on the outskirts of Tbilisi, a multifunctional entertainment center might appear. According to the Kaladze, the decision was made by Anagi, which has been the owner of the KIA automobile center since 2011. The mayor also demonstrated the preliminary drawings of the future facility.

“This is not yet an approved project, work is underway on it. When a decision is made regarding the final version, we will, of course, notify you,” said Kaladze.

The mayor of the capital also showed photos of how the Digomi Forest Park looked in 2009 and how it changed in 2011, when the automobile center was located there. Recently, the Georgian capital has undergone many changes – the city authorities are focusing on the development of infrastructure and improvement of recreational areas. In the fall of 2017, the newly elected Mayor of Tbilisi, Kakha Kaladze, enthusiastically took up his duties and is determined to turn Tbilisi into a “city filled with life.

With current projects going forward and many still in the pipes, Tbilisi is becoming more and more interesting and full of life.

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