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The role of tourism industry on macroeconomic variables

The role of tourism industry on macroeconomic variables
Tourist News

Tourism as a new industrial enterprise with distinctive features is an important part of the country’s economic activities. The need to pay attention to the development of this industry can increase the level of income and improve the indicators of the quality of life of people in the community and bring the country to flourish.

“Donyaye Eghtesad” Newspaper with a report titled “How to create new products in tourism markets?” Wrote: “The best product is a product that better recognizes the specific needs of the customer and gives him services that other competitors have not met.” For example, when you are the manager of a hotel or a tourism agency for many years, you need to bring new products in line with the changes in the lives of your old customers. Suppose your young clients now have reached the age of forming a family and having a child. They may have children who like to grow like traveling, environmentally friendly and interested in cultures.

Recently, following the devaluation of the national currency of Iran, a news that the arrival of passengers and tourists has increased from the borders of our country, especially the western borders has been published. The issue is that the number of trips from the Kurdish and Arabian borders of Iraq to Iran has increased in the last month. Some of these travels are tourists and foreign travelers staying in pilgrimage and travel destinations like the northern cities, which boosts the tourism industry and tourism, because experts say the boom in this industry in Iran can even replace Iran’s revenues from the place But the subject of our report and the recent challenge of entry for passengers who arrive at the border towns of Iran is at a low cost, and by purchasing various types of raw materials and supplies of goods subsidized by the government, food stores Get rid of these cities Exit the border.

The newspaper Sobh Noa wrote in a report entitled “Georgian Caps for Iranian Tourists”: Georgia has become one of the main goals of the Iranian travel and migration, a country in the Caucasus whose post-visa waiver after the agreement in the 26th of February 94 According to the Iran’s ambassador to Georgia, Iran’s visit to this country, which last year was close to 350,000, this year was estimated at one million people, according to the Iranian ambassador to Iran, according to the Georgian ambassador to Iran. Receipt. By announcing these statistics, various questions come to mind that all of them are one thing, why Georgia? Some experts have examined the issue economically, saying that it would be possible to approximate the approximate exchange rate of this country with our country, which is unrealistically determined and artificially lower the cost of travel, among the most important reasons for this growth.

The report goes on to say: “It is a matter of course, the sociologist told Susan about the causes of the Iranian invasion of a country like Georgia,” said the sociologist. “It’s about the existing space of the community, because people do not feel comfortable and comfortable, and their needs and needs in terms of Spirituality and joy and freedom of speech and cover, elimination of deprivation and restrictions are not met to other countries, and because Georgia is in terms of space and shape and facilities, it becomes the destination of Iranians. This shows that the space of the community has not been able to provide the people with a sense of calm and comfort, so those who reach their mouths and I do not approve of this action, because they are destructive and homeless and destroy the country’s economy. The children of these people do not have the characteristics of Iran and in many ways are harmful, they are going. Another issue is that, basically, the culture of the East and the West is different, it does not dwell in the eastern culture of one’s homeland, but in Western thought people are being cut, but countries like Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia are close to Iran.

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