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Schoolgirls Invent Shield Against Air Pollution

Schoolgirls Invent Shield Against Air Pollution
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The young Georgian inventors devised a device to fight germs and bacteria.

“When we talk about air pollution, everybody imagines air polluted by exhaust gases. This type of pollution is called artificial pollution, but there are natural factors that pollute the air and make it dangerous. These are microbes, viruses and bacteria that pose a great danger to our health. There is no effective prevention of this problem, which is why we decided to start working on this topic.”- stated the schoolgirls.

In view of the fact that there are not enough known preventive measures against harmful micro-organisms, the girls have developed an innovative project “Water Shield”. This is an electrostatic filter with a bipolar ionizer function. It is designed to clean the air from the smallest dust, aerosols, smoke, particles, soot and so on.

“Modern research confirms that the bacteria shell is charged both positively and negatively. Water flows on the surfaces of the Water Shield with an excess amount of both negative and positive charge, which attracts harmful particles and destroys them.” said the girls.

Thanks to the “Water Shield”, you can ensure that at airports, shopping centers and other crowded places, the air will be as fresh as that of waterfalls, the sea or in the mountains. The advantage of the device is that it cleans the air, regulates humidity, does not leave destroyed micro-organisms in the air, performs the function of an electrostatic filter and it is energy efficient.

The inventions of the Georgian schoolgirls repeatedly attracted the attention of scientists not only in Georgia, but also abroad. They recently ranked third at the 30th European Union Young Scientists Contest (EUCYS).


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