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School for children with autism

School for children with autism
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The Georgian government builds a rehabilitation department and a school for children with autism in the city of Georgia.

“The center will be designed for 230 beneficiaries, which is an important support strategy for our children and their families,” Bakhtadze said.

Autism is a developmental disorder of the brain and is characterized by a pronounced and comprehensive lack of social interaction and communication, limited interests and repetitive actions, and often extreme hostility to certain sounds, textures or tastes.

How many people suffer from autism in Georgia is not clear however, parents of these children repeatedly complained about the lack of rehabilitation centers. In 2013, the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia opened integrated classes in the state schools of the country within the framework of the program Promoting inclusive education. Since then, experts are working on improving the model.

Specialists of the Institute for Child Development at the State University of Ilya developed a new model for teaching children with autism, which was piloted in the state school No. 55 in Tbilisi. This model implies the use of various auxiliary educational resources among students with autism.

The main task of specialists working with such children is to choose the key of communication with them, to interest them in the educational process and the surrounding world.

At present, integrated classes are working in eight public schools in Georgia: Tbilisi (№166, №72, №41, №132, №55 and Tbilisi classical gymnasium), in Batumi (№13) and in Rustavi (№21).

Source: georgiatoday

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