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Licensed Taxis to Get Free Vouchers for Painting and Cleaning of Cars

Licensed Taxis to Get Free Vouchers for Painting and Cleaning of Cars
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The mayor of Tbilisi announced that they will receive free coupons to whitewash their cars to taxi drivers who register with Korea and do forced taxis and technical inspections.

The mayor also said that the same category of drivers will get vouchers of free cleaning of the car interior.

Kaladze stated in late September that from October 1, 2019 all taxis in the capital have to be white. He added that the City Hall will also give taxi signs to the drivers for free.

He explained that the money for the vouchers will not be spent from the budget of the capital, adding the City Hall has negotiations with the advertising companies who agree to provide free services for the licensed taxis in case they place advertisements on the cars.

The Mayor called on all taxi drivers to apply for the mandatory registration launched on August 1, which must be completed by November 2018.

From October 1, it is not allowed to work as a taxi driver without the special permit. Moreover, three-door vehicles as well as right-hand-drive vehicles will not be allowed to provide taxi service at all.

Taxi drivers who do not register until November 1 will be fined by GEL 200,” he said, adding the municipality has already issued 12,000 permits and the process is underway.

Kaladze noted that free parking lots will be arranged for the taxis at around 60 locations in the busiest areas of the capital, where taxi drivers can stop their vehicles for free.

“It is also noteworthy that taxi drivers will not have to pay income tax to the budget,” he added.

Taxi drivers who want a permit to taxi need to fill in the online application at and afterwards pay a one-year permit fee of 50 GEL for hybrid vehicles, 100 GEL for ordinary cars. There is no charge for eco-friendly electronic vehicles.

Source: Georgiatoday

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