K2 კოეფიციენტთან დაკავშირებით შეზღუდვები ბათუმშიც დაწესდა | Georgia Business Finder
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K2 ratio in connection with the restrictions imposed in Batumi

<span lang =K2 კოეფიციენტთან დაკავშირებით შეზღუდვები ბათუმშიც დაწესდა" />
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City Council decision, In Batumi, K2 of the coefficient, restrictions. Under the decision,changes into "self – Batumi urban areas for the use and development regulations "governing the city – City Council 2012 year 14 September resolution №50, that means in the area of ​​residential houses and hotels for the determination of the parking rules, resort-recreational zone 2 is allowed for the individual objects in the list of housing construction / reconstruction of supplementation, j 2 development intensity ratio for the second increase restriction, in the area of ​​development intensity set by the coefficient k 2, limitations on the construction on the land, whose area does not exceed 600 kV / m and also, For the construction of the space identified with 2 tablespoons of the coefficient of determination of a certain percentage,.

Recall, რამდენიმე კვირის წინ თბილისის მერმა, კახა კალაძემაც დაანონსა გადაწყვეტილება K2 კოეფიციენტის გაყიდვის აკრძალვის შესახებ. მისი თქმით, ratio exceeding harmful practice has contributed to the distortion of the town. Mayor said, construction sector this initiative correctly analyzed. Mayor claims, He practices, which 2005 Since it was established, City Hall and the City Council majority decision, Once and for all.

The new regulation will apply to all permits and on-grg, entry into force of that regulation will be adopted in the production of.

K2 shows, If the amount of allowable building to be constructed, It is calculated as follows: If the land 400 sq.m., K2 is normative 1.8, The project was pushed K2- : 400*1.8= 720 sq.m. (This means that the floors should not exceed 720 sq.m..

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