Introducing Sam Georgia Company
In early September 2011, the construction of the Sam Georgia company was built in Tbilisi.

From the very beginning, the goal of the establishment of Sam Georgia was the creation of a powerful immigration service company, with the efforts of its staff and its manager.

Sam Georgia has all legal licenses in Georgia.

Now Sam Georgia is a famous and well-known brand in Georgia that has been able to offer its services to citizens of countries such as Iran, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Australia, Germany and Russia.

Currently, there are about eight personnel from Iran and Georgia in Sam Georgia, each of which has special expertise.

Major Immigration Services for Sam Georgia Company in Georgia include:

Service Sam Georgia
Advice on obtaining Georgian residency

Advice on obtaining permanent residence in Georgia

Advice on registration of companies in Georgia

Advice on obtaining a passport in Georgia

Advice on obtaining a residence card in Georgia

Advice on residence of Georgia by buying property

Advice on buying property in Georgia

Advice on rental property in Georgia

Consultation on registration of companies in Georgia’s free zones

Advice on patent in Georgia

Advice on investment opportunities in Georgia and a strong business plan

Consultation in the field of education in Georgia

Advice on Migration to Georgia

Advice on buying and selling cars and renting them in Georgia

As our site also supports English, and soon Russian and Arabic languages ​​will be launched, we have been able to attract customers from several countries of the world, because reliance on Iranian customers can only be a source of financial risk. We create.

This entails the management of Sam Georgia, and when the visa-free regime between Iran and Georgia was canceled unilaterally for about a year by the Georgians, we saw a sharp drop in the number of Iranian travels to Georgia, which at that time there were many Iranian companies Retired to Iranian customers were shut down, but Sam Georgia continued to work

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