Malek Group, with more than 3 years experience working in Georgia, obtaining Georgian citizenship, is receiving a Georgian residence card, is your regular companion. The cost of living in Georgia is very low. In such a way that you can obtain Georgia’s residence by purchasing property at a minimum cost of $ 35,000, and you hold a Georgian resident’s card for one year and renew it each year, and after five years you will receive a permanent residence card for Georgia. However, for the duration of your stay in Europe and your stay in Canada, you will first need a visa. Your expenses will be multiplied. However, now that Georgia canceled the visa, you no longer need to provide the necessary documents to obtain a Georgian visa and you can easily travel to Georgia and apply for a Georgian residence card, and by holding a residence card in Georgia, to receive a residence Europe and Canadian residence through the Embassy of Canada and the Embassy of the member states of the European Union in Georgia. Malak Group Group helps you migrate to Georgia through work. We give you the guarantee that Georgia is the best country for Iranian immigration at this time. Georgian residence is also possible for the Iranians through the marriage, after which the Georgian permanent residence cards are given to the girls and the Georgian resident’s card for one year and after one year, five years old and after the birth of two children, permanent residence of Georgia is given.
Getting a Georgian residence by buying a property
By buying a property in Georgia, you will get a residence in Georgia and have a residence permit in Georgia.
Getting Georgian residency through investment
Enjoy your children’s future with Georgia’s residence by investing at least the cost of living in Georgia.

Get Georgian residency by registering a company
By registering with you in Georgia, you can get a residence in Georgia, and you will be the regular owner of the group in getting a residence in Georgia.

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