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Immigrant exports

Immigrant exports
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A group of Iranians want to leave Iran. This can be seen in long positions in front of the embassies in Ferdowsi Street and the Istanbul Quarter. Stock exchanges and embassies. The rising dollar price and the rial that gets cheaper at any moment. Life in Iran is more expensive than every day.

People who sit in their cars at 5am and sleepy and tired staring at the embassy doors to open up and apply for a visa, but they are all disappointed. There is little hope for a better situation in the country.

This group of Iranians cross the statue of Ferdowsi every day to reach the embassy at their earliest convenience and even hope to step out of Iran. This story is the suffering of the people that Ferdowsi watches from above his statue every day and there is a painful consolation that goes on in Iran.

With these interpretations it can be said that the greatest concern of immigrant youth is to study, unemployment and lack of jobs. The unemployment that pushes the youth so much that they are forced to hide their homes and families and homeland, and displaced from their homes.

“The immigration of Iranians to foreign countries has many reasons,” said a sociologist in an interview with the “Law” on the reasons for Iranian immigration. The immigration rule depends on two reasons: one is the source of repatriation and the other is the destination attraction. There are several reasons why there are many reasons for repatriation in Iran. We had an elite immigration over the past years, hoping to go to a better university. But now the middle class is also using to go to other countries. People go to Georgia and buy houses, hoping to stay in Europe and go to Iran. “

He states: “Governors say the situation is getting better, but the lack of transparency makes this an uncertainty … In the past two years, we have had a 40% hope for the future. . As long as there is uncertainty about the future, everyone is trying to leave Iran because of his family.

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