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Hobbiton Movie set – Shire is a real village

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possibly, you are not “Lord of the Rings” Special fans, But a lot of things about him to know. In any case, Hobbiton- will surely fascinate and his desire to visit gagichent.

Hobbiton Movie set1

New Zealand's North Island is located in the settlement of any age is interesting for tourists. especially for those, who “Lord of the Rings” and fans of Hobbits. Simply put, This is the place, where the smell of Hobbits, voices and feel the taste of.

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Hobbiton Movie set4

“Lord of the Rings” and “Shire trilogy” Thanks New Zealand has become even more interesting for tourists. Therefore, Here now, visitors to Shire world a magic trip to promote.

Magic Tour 1250 acre sheep farm begins, from which you can enjoy the beautiful views.

During the tour, the visit was also Bag End-, Bilbo and Frodo from the adventure began. After the holes left Hobbiton dzromialis, spell-binding stories you listen.

Hobbiton Movie set5

Hobbiton Movie set6

After a day of adventures and emotions tired, Dinner will host the Green Dragon-.

a variety of packages, Hobbits of the trip is about 79 to 195 will cost up to $.

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