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Georgia is an opportunity for merchants and urban tributaries for Iranian tourists

Georgia is an opportunity for merchants and urban tributaries for Iranian tourists
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Seyyed Javad Qavam Shahidi, the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Georgia, is a well-known politician and diplomat in our country. Our first trip to the country was to ask for an interview with him, which was accepted promptly, and at the same time was unprotected, IRNA and IRNA And knew about Georgia’s commercial advantages for Iranians and the presence of Iranian tourists as an opportunity for the Georgian economy.

Originality is the first word to be remembered when seeing Tbilisi. Tbilisi is not a city built yesterday and today, and it wants to show off with its skyscrapers and the tower. In Tbilish’s face, one can see the passage of history, the ancient architecture of Tbilisi’s witnesses The history of the bustle and landing of this city.
I have no architecture, but the friend who explained the architecture style of the city, spoke of medieval architecture, Stalinist and classical architecture, it is not unrealistic that Tbilisi is reminiscent of authenticity.
The Kura River, pronounced Georgian Meccano, runs from the middle of the city and adds to Tbilisi’s beautiful beauty, the Kura River that flows from the east of Turkey and crosses the Georgian and Azerbaijani lands from the Caucasus Mountains and after the river Aras has joined it, in the area of ​​Golshasbi’s effort it flows into the Caspian Sea.
They say that there are more than a thousand common words in Persian and Georgian, in the conversion of the word “crumble” in the word “fork” and the window of common words that are familiar to Persian speakers. The interpreter accompanying us said that the common Georgian and Persian words are so common that the room, the clock, and even the scum.

Also in October this year, we witnessed the holding of the Sixth Joint Economic Commission and the signing of the 18th instrument of cooperation between the two countries. In this context, Mr. Rabiyee, Minister of Labor, Social Welfare, bilateral meetings with the Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Minister of Finance The Minister of Agriculture and the Minister of Health, the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs in Tbilisi.
At the same time as the Joint Commission meeting, we witnessed the holding of an economic conference of the two chambers of commerce.
Although Georgia is a young country in the field of industry and technology, it can serve as a complement to Iran’s industries and products, given the considerable capacity it has in the basic sciences and some industries, such as automobiles and even airplanes, in the past. To Iran’s capabilities in some industries, Iranian manufacturers can complete and then export their products at least 10% lower prices here.
Georgia, on the other hand, is a very good option for Iran to implement trans-frontier cultivation projects, due to its abundant water and fertile lands and geographic proximity to Iran, which reduces transportation costs, and the sum of components for Investing in agriculture outside the Iranian borders can bring good results for our country.
The nature of Georgia has many similarities with the nature and geography of Iran, the implementation of cross-border farming projects has been done so far, but it is not desirable and not expected, and there is much room for work.

IRNA’s exclusive IRNA interview with Iran’s ambassador to Georgia

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