F1დან F12-მდე – რა დანიშნულება აქვს კლავიატურის ამ ღილაკებს | Georgia Business Finder
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F1 from the F12- – What is the purpose of this keyboard buttons

<span lang =F1დან F12-მდე – რა დანიშნულება აქვს კლავიატურის ამ ღილაკებს" />
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F1- F12- from the functional buttons, Our keyboard which is located on the upper side, There was no dust to be made. They perform a variety of functions, and some of them are really helpful.

Allnews.ge offer found with the use of these buttons, which will significantly simplify and speed up your work.

F1 – Almost every program opens “Assistant window”
F2 – allows you to rename files and folders you select
F3 – Opens “Search window” application, At that point in which you work
F4 – Alt + F4 closes the active window
F5 – allows you to

reload the page or document window
F6 – cursor to the address field of the Web site leads, Almost all the work on the Internet browser case
F7 – papers used in the test morphological and spelling mistakes
F8 – on boot Boot Menu-'s access to
F9 – updates some of the Microsoft Word document, also sends and receives mails from Microsoft outlook-
F10 – open the application menu field activates
F11 – image onto the entire screen and zoom out again
F12 – Storage opens the window Microsoft Word- the.


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