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"Erasmus +" - three times the budget increases

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European Parliament confirmed deduputatebma, the "Erasmus +" - the program's financial resources should be increased to three times, more people to be given the opportunity to participate and that the grants will be tailored to their needs.

One of the main objectives of the European Parliament, that "Erasmus +" - is linked to the future programs, Training is to involve more youth mobility schemes, About this, The European Parliament offers a number of detailed measures, which serves the economic, Social and cultural barriers, – i wrote europeaninterest-.

National Strategies, which serves to promote the involvement of people with fewer opportunities

Lawmakers to discuss the initiative to, According to the, The European Commission and the "Erasmus" - National organizations need to develop a European framework for engagement and formulate national strategies, Such involvement, To, program to adapt to the so-called. Under the needs of persons with disabilities and to increase their involvement in the program. The framework should include measures, which provides financial support for mobility and more, as well as, monthly grants and regulation of housing and subsistence costs in a systematic review. Support also includes language teaching, administrative support and e-learning capacity-expansion.

"Our goal is to, "Erasmus +" - a new program to make it more user-friendly and inclusive, fair and accessible to young people and adults in all groups, their economic conditions or other circumstances. "Erasmus +" gives participants not only to study abroad, and training, but it also contributes to the strengthening of the European identity and improving employment prospects. It gives participants the knowledge and skills, They are helping to enrich the personal and professional ", – The speaker said Zveri was Milan (European People's Party, Slovenia) plenary session during debates.

"Erasmus" - new moves

The priorities, Lawmakers from the budget and reallocate to offer pre-school and elementary education staff, young sportsmen and coaches choice, to participate in mobility schemes. The new program is a priority on the professional educational exchanges, especially in border regions, which is much larger budget allocations.

Other European Program Scholarships

providing funding and other European Union programs in the fields of co-financing, such as fewer opportunities for students with grants, transportation and living expenses or new projects, Program implementation will bring many important, funding of which was not yet in the "Erasmus" - he, Within.

"I believe, the "Erasmus" - the investment is included in the EU's future. Once again, I urge the European Commission and the member states, The support budget three times the growth initiative " – Zveri was added.

The final document will be discussed and agreed with the Council, The next parliamentary term.


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