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On this website, we focus on jobs directly related to tourism in Georgia, if you also have a job and want to be introduced on this website or have any questions, contact us through this form.

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All Info You Need about add business info to and rules.

One of exist item is mine, how can i manage it?

Visitors can register to MYGE.CITY Georgia information center as users and submit their own items. if you see your own business in this website, it is possible to claim it to your account and manage information.

You can register for free and use site easily or create different packages and by
connecting with your paypal account or TBC Bank account charge for registration in advance mode.

Is it free to add my business?

Yes it is free to add your business in Find.Myge and will always be free for ever.

For what services should i pay in this website?

1- For Advanced business Detail like complete contact info and photo gallery. 2- If you want to expose your business ad in the sidebar of the site. 3- If you want to have a direct address to your business introduction page Like: MYNAME.MYGE.CITY 4- If you volunteer to help the company for develop this project.