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Caudalie- new series VINOPURE - healthy skin secret

<span lang =Caudalie-ს ახალი სერია VINOPURE – ჯანსაღი კანის საიდუმლო" />
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healthy, To have a clean and smooth skin, for the slightest effort and care properly selected remedies are needed. Skin health is determined by your daily, good attitude and confidence. The basic comfort of all people deserve.

grape polyphenol and essential oil combination of six: Lavender, Melissa, Menthol, rosemary, Mallow and tsitronelis oil creates a unique cocktail, which can simultaneously solve the problem: prevents the spread of acne, dakhshobasa prevent pores and sebum excretion.

Another unlike CAUDALIE- new series VINOPURE contains natural salicylic acid - derived from plant Gaulthéria-. It evens out the skin and shrink pores, Rose water is a living skin, provides a nice color.


Vinopure purifying lotion – 200 ml

VINOPURE- series is oily and combination skin tonikia. As used in the daytime, Also at night. Grape water soothes and hydrates the skin. polyphenol fat synthesis Regulatory, Black dots anti antioxidants, six essential oil cocktail antibacterial properties, Salicylic acid is narrow pores and skin structure improves.

Vinopure serum – 30 ml

Series of oily and combination skin serum inflammatory sites for samkurnalodaa. improves skin texture and reduces blackheads.

polyphenol, Six essential oil cocktail and salicylic acid is included in the serum of a group, One of its ingredients rose water - fat control and healthy skin color. Using the serum at any time permitted.


Vinopure matifying fluid – 40 ml

woodpeckers in the new series of the next opportunity to very dry skin smooth effect kremia. Regular consumption of cream improves the skin's structure, The effect of the consumption of a few days, a noticeable.

polyphenol, Six essential oil cocktail and rose water are included in the medium consisting of. mineral powder helps the skin to maintain the smooth.

might have complained of skin problems, no need for special care facilities and be in peace. oily or combination, Persons with the skin can avoid unpleasant complications and, Just, throw all your kind of skin-improving smoothness CAUDALIE-'s new, unique series VINOPURE. series of skin care products, applied to forever forget the closed porosity and unpleasant black dots on his face.

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