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“five minutes from the card 401 Larry chamomechra” – fraud victims and experts warning

As a result of online fraud has suffered several citizen. Only last 2 days 3 A person's own bank account and was cut by a specific amount of money transferred to the account of the gambling business. As one of the victims "of biznespresnius" stated, The card will be charged 5 minute intervals several times in a row and a total of, 401 GEL. He complained to the investigative body have been applied, თუმ­ცა […]

Women in Technology – How to increase women's opportunities in Georgia

Women's rights in this century one of the most significant setback for the world-wide. გა­ნათ­ლე­ბის მი­ღე­ბის, free choice if other opportunities and challenges facing effective steps, არა­ერ­თი სა­ერ­თა­შო­რი­სო ორ­გა­ნი­ზა­ცია და­არ­სდა. Among the most important CEDAW, რო­მე­ლიც 1979 In the United Nations General Assembly established the. ორ­გა­ნი­ზა­ცია მსოფ­ლი­ოს 195 from 143 communicating with and providing, Women's rights legislation in the states […]

Fatima tsotoidze – Female, the "daughter of Shatili" devoted

Almost half a century ago, 36 On if the shepherd could not have imagined, that verse, which is dedicated to the beloved, Years later, the song would become popular in Georgian, Since the court would have to prove authorship. "I came down from the mountain and friends tell me, You are written on leksia. Shatili asuloo, But, it is written in Fatima, You offer you. I even know why, Previous year's marriage, In a previous marriage and I […]

The World Health Organization's global influenza-fighting strategy

The World Health Organization's global influenza-fighting strategy, in 2019 to 2030 year period is calculated. The goal of the program for seasonal flu to avoid incidents, this disease from animals to human transmission and control of influenza pandemic will next prepare. the organization said in a statement, the largest and the most promising new stratetia. As Director General of the World Health Organization says tedros adhanomi, flu pandemic threat […]

The New Law, Stricter regulations on school excursions

Parliament is reviewing the process of ” Children's Rights Code” one verse, which regulates the rights of children in public events, strictly defines the rules on school excursions. During the excursion, the Interior Ministry described the engagement forms, food hygiene protection standards for transporting and first aid obligations. The, These points also regulates, the school does not have the right to, Guided Vehicles […]

how it affects the child's parents fight?

Nothing to worry about there is the, Sometimes the parents argue. But he, how you do it, differ in their children's health. The atmosphere at home is really a long-term impact on the child's development and mental health, and here only the parent-child relationship is not. Parents are a child's attitude can affect every aspect of life – Starting from his psyche, ending […]

What drug "killer salt" and how widespread the world?

Georgia started the new drug user, It is reported that several people have been, Among the young people killed. The so-called "killer salt" (mepedroni) connection to the recent deaths of those killed have not been proven, However, part of this community are actively exploring the possibility of. Doctors claim, According to the clinic (Most of the people killed died while sleeping) The new "killer" drug opiatia, which is characterized by the death of a dream. it, Likely, For Internet. What drug "killer salt"? […]

Most charbvaliani rent district governor has

Tbilisi municipality governors are among the most charbvaliani rent districts (between them, those who have already had a new declaration). Irakli Kheladze TBC, and the base of the bank's clients. Recent consumer loan, 33 000 Gels, Basisbank, Before the enactment of regulations , 2018 year 28 December has taken. loans service 42 500 Lari has Expenditure. Loans not, only a deposit has Mtastsminda […]