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Tooth Brushing vs. Alzheimer; can it be effective?

The studies in Norway have shown the effect of oral health on developing or postponing Alzheimer’s disease. Although bacteria is not resulting in this disease, it can make its progress faster, but HOW? Producing a protein which attacks nerve cells of the brain, the bacteria leads to loss of memory and finally Alzheimer. Researcher Piotr […]

The US banned antibacterial soap

the United States banned antibacterial soap. The US Food and drugs control department (FDA) Antibacterial soap and body gel stock banned, Because many of the components of a long-term and regular use is not safe and effective at the same time. Constructors 19 substance, Among the more popular means of which the antibacterial triclosan and components triklokarbania. So far, only soap and shower gel is prohibited […]

How to distinguish the symptoms of allergies from flu?

sore throat and flu symptoms ageghnishnebat feel with the arrival of spring? Yes, likely, This surdoa, But why did you exclude, that may be the cause of allergic wallpaper? "Fan" sharing their counsel, How to distinguish between the flu and allergy, Proper treatment. colds and allergies insignia is all began? Influenza begins gradually, Several days. the allergy starts suddenly. At the end […]

What is dangerous vegetarian burgers

Vegetarian burgers are becoming more popular, But few people know, How dangerous are they. Research Shows, The burgers that contains 10 times more saturated fat, than fleshy versions. For example,, One of the Burger without meat 20 g Saturated fat is found. This is the norm for women Blog, Two-thirds of the daily quota for men;. Experts vegetarian burgereb the high fat content of coconut oil link. […]

How avachkarot metabolism correct use oily products

Nutritionists tsalsakhed indicate the harm of oily products, However, useful fats in the diet encourage us to leave. Experts recommend, In terms of focus on pork. Although this species is considered to be oily meat, But it's a good source of iron and potassium. They are important for the system gulssiskhldzarghvta. Some specialists boiled pork chicken meat in favor of. High-fat stand walnuts. However,, Here are the main […]

Japanese researchers have developed an AIDS vaccine

Japanese scientists have created a new substance from Kumamoto University, that the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) damaged cells tears. Japanese specialists have developed a method, named “lock-in and apoptosis”, the first estimates, fully capable of suffering people afterward. “This will be a huge step for HIV to fully release and restoration efforts. We think, that our research will lead to the final defeat AIDS”, – says study […]

How to Improve Your metabolism

rosemary – Aromatic plants, From ancient times to the magical properties of Train. It protects people from the nightmares of the night. Shakespeare's time, the bride's bouquet will atvsebdnen rosemary – powerful symbol of love and devotion. If you remember, Shakespeare “Hamlet” Ofelia brother rosemary branches to enhance memory and spirituality. Queen Elizabeth and Rosemary revmatizmsa treated Podagras. Polish kings, he enjoyed the rejuvenation. […]

trichomoniasis – treacherous disease

Trichomoniasis sexually transmitted infection, that the human urinary system damage. disease trichomonads, that men of the urethra (Urine pipe handler), prostate (This gland), Testicles, additives and their seed bubbles damages, women are – urethra, vagina and cervix (The cervical canal) vaginal part. trichomoniasis usually suffer reproductive age (mostly 16 to 30 years) women. delivery of suffering from mother to […]

How to protect yourself from viruses, When family members are sick

If your relatives suffer, How to protect yourself? Often clean door handles, remote control, etc.. Bacteria on the surface 48 hour live. Use a disinfectant solution. sprinkled it on and leave. items, which can not be wet, alcoholic cotton Design. Change is often the patient's bed linen and towel. washes at higher temperatures. Wash the dishes in the dishwasher. Pay attention to the handkerchiefs and napkins, […]

Befana longest

Scientists say, that our planet in some regions much more than people will live long lives, than the rest of the. 100 first-year residents, according to the firm holds Japan. Today, lives in Japan 50 More than a thousand people, whose age 100 over the age of. China stands out as well as the life expectancy of the residents, Tibet, Sardinia island and mountainous region. One hypothesis, Longevity Secret mentioned regions associated with the peculiarities of food. […]