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Foods that strengthen your eye health

You’ve likely been told at one time or another that if you want healthy eyes, you need to eat carrots. And while the old adage has some truth to it because the beta carotene in carrots is converted to vitamin A – a vitamin that is needed for optimum eye health — there are other, […]

Tokyo subway during rush hour

Around Tokyo, 12 million people live, As the country's population is 10% of. Tokyo is not officially City, Japan is one of the prepekturaa, which 62 administrative unit consists of. Today, All the special areas of the city are equal and everyone has their own mayor and City Council. Tokyo density of 1 square kilometer 6,000 Everyone is equal, It is one of the world's largest index. German photographer Michael Wolf […]

Eat this magical banana smoothie and lose weight

Magical Banana Smoothie This smoothie is designed to help you slim down faster and more easily. The ingredients together prime your body to burn fat, sustain energy throughout the day, and maintain an even mood. If you don’t particularly like one of the ingredients, feel free to adjust the recipe to your liking. Other fat […]

Preliminary investigation, Notre-opt the fire broke out accidentally

Preliminary investigation, The fire broke out accidentally in the Notre Dame de Paris. The prosecutor's office was quoted as The Guardian. The causes of the fire are still unknown. Initially spread through the preliminary statement, The emergence of the fire temple, the repair works on the related, However, this information has yet to be confirmed. Fire Notre Dame de Paris 15 April, noon emerged. The fire quickly spread. Hundreds of firefighters several hours […]

Just one ounce of almonds

So what happens if you eat almonds every day? Read on to find out about the incredible health benefits of consuming a handful of these nuts on the regular. In one ounce of almonds you will get 163 calories ( the accepted amount, though there is some evidence that it may be closer to 129 […]

Foods you can not eat with dental braces

Unfortunately, wearing and getting used to braces is not a pain free process. While the actual fitting rarely hurts, the new sensations and pressure against your teeth will cause soreness and aching. You may experience sores on the inside of your gums and lips, because the mouth is simply not used to having so much metal or […]

Madonna will pay for speech evrovzia

has been officially confirmed, that 18 May Eurovision final show as a special guest to participate in the world of pop queen Madonna will be recognized singer. How "iuierusalim Post" writes, singer with the representatives of the company is in negotiations with several months conducting Live Nation- Israeli public broadcaster KAN. As for the price, Judging, the superstar of this speech 1,3 million USD at the end and the amount of the cover-Jewish Canadians […]

Tbilisi streets 9 April killed six women named

Located in the capital 6 street for 9 April tragedy killed 6 woman's name, granting the City Council make the final decision 2-3 Week. It was reported by the City Council Chairman George Tkemaladze. According to him, the sixth convocation will continue step by step. "Today's decision is said to have been granted in six parts, and then the rest of the streets will be named. Today's Commission decision […]

Effects of Dragon Fruit on Your Body

You may or may not have heard of or seen the rather exotic fruit known commonly as dragon fruit. It actually looks just like it’s named with colorful skin and pointy, dragon-scale looking spikes that scream “don’t eat me.” However, many have not heeded the warning that comes with the tough, off putting skin in […]