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Inequality in Education – What is the impact of economic factors on the learning outcomes

Georgia, the school enrollment rate is quite high in all socioeconomic groups (99%), However, assessing the quality of the learning takes place in the country's socio-economic inequalities. The inequality assess PMCG PISA- study's international exams analyzed. PISA-'s test pupils 51%, 52%, and 57% can not reach a minimum level of competence in science, reading and math. the highest socioeconomic quarter of the nishnulebia 32%, 32% and 36%, […]

the higher education sector

უნივერსიტეტებისა და სტუდენტების რაოდენობა 2017-2018 სასწავლო წლის დასაწყისისთვის საქართველოში 75 HEI was, between them, 20 - State, but 55 - Private. All higher education institutions with 143 808 Students study. Their 65% სახელმწიფო უნივერსიტეტების სტუდენტია. საქართველოს სტატისტიკის ეროვნულ სამსახურს უმაღლესი სასწავლებლებისა და სტუდენტების შესახებ ინფორმაცია 2000-2001 სასწავლო წლიდან აქვს გამოქვეყნებული. 2000 in Georgia 171 უმაღლესი სასწავლებელი იყო, […]

the world's most “Luxury” Divorce

the planet's richest people, Jeff Bezos and his spouse after a divorce Amazon-'s 4% share leave, As for today $35 billion is equivalent to. As a result,, Bezos former spouse Forbes-'s richest women, in third place. The, Bezos divorce the world's most “Luxury” will be. Before, Similar amounts of money received in any of the couple after the divorce. According Forbes-, მსოფლიოში ყველაზე ძვირი შემდეგი წყვილების დაშორება […]

Batumi Mosque on trial 10 April renewed

Batumi is a new building of a mosque in the court dispute 10 April, 10 be renewed at. The last session of this case 2018 year 20 თებერვალს გაიმართა. After the trial was suspended indefinitely. 2018 year 20 February trial postponed because of the use of the City Hall ', according to which, Mayor Lasha Komakhidze Muslim community hold talks. მხარეთა შორის შეთანხმება ვერ შედგა და […]

"Sometimes I can not feel, If I am still alive "- life on the street

Chavchavadze Street Melikishvili when binds up, Batumi Colonnade before, One man see, in the street, live directly on the pavement. Merab Devadze here throughout the winter on the. Merab with only a jacket, მუყაოს რამდენიმე ნაჭერი და კიდევ წყლის ბოთლი… ღამით, When the pavement to sleep worse, Merab neighboring building basement stored in a sleeping mattress and so takes to fall asleep. "I spent a fourth winter in the street, Now […]

2 A simple rule, that will forever change your privacy

There are two rules in his personal life, Which actually act. They will be useful, As a woman, Well men. Those who are not familiar with these rules, It wastes time and nerves on inappropriate people. 1. The first rule – There should be lightness in the relationship, it should be easy from the beginning. From the very first minutes you think, That you seem to be acquaintances for a long time. Boy, With which 15 You are ready even in a minute […]

7 Things, As the young mother to learn

about, We will decide how people, Parents, of course, great influence and character of children and parents, world view and style, even among, similarity. Let's see the seven things, As the young mother to learn: 1. Sacrifice – mothers to their children's needs ahead of the needs and often have many things to say no. His teaching care, Better yet […]

If a woman is properly love, he himself becomes 10 times better

When a woman feels it desirable, He quietly and freely in love with himself. it turns into a woman, ready, Even give up everything, If you do not ask. becomes a faithful woman, ready, All of his energy and time to cede. it will be a woman, which is loved by all my heart. When you love a woman, he becomes a completely different person – reveals his best qualities. […]

Gabunia – We have created a legal guarantees for mother tongue

საქართველოს პარლამენტის რეგიონული პოლიტიკისა და თვითმმართველობის კომიტეტის თავმჯდომარე და დედაენის სკოლებში დაბრუნებისათვის მომზადებული კანონპროექტის ავტორი ზაზა გაბუნია დედაენის დღესთან დაკავშირებით განცხადებას ავრცელებს, which "InterpressNews" invariably. "This year the holiday today, we encounter a significant novelty – ჩვენი ინიციატივით რამდენიმე დღის წინ უკვე შეიქმნა საკანონმდებლო საფუძვლები იაკობ გოგებაშვილის დედაენის სკოლებში დაბრუნებისათვის და მისი როგორც მსოფლიო კულტურული მემკვიდრეობის ძეგლის ფორმალური განათლების პროცესში […]

Today '' Georgian Legion shevardenta '' from its inception 30 Anniversary

State Veterans Affairs Director, Vladimir Imnaidze, and employees of the agency '' Georgian Legion shevardenta '' with militants, wreath and paid tribute to the fallen heroes for the territorial integrity. '' Legionnaires '' and Department of fallen comrades '' burying brethren sasaplaoze''gaikhsenes, Four soldiers killed memorial funeral service Archpriest Archil (Lursmanashvili) was served, who is himself a '' Georgian Legion shevardenta '' was a member of. as "IPN" Veterans Affairs […]