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news 2019 In the agricultural insurance program continues

2019 In the agricultural insurance program continues. ► Like all the previous years of culture, In Vine, The state's contribution will be 70%; vine 50%. ► agricultural insurance program, insurance policy covers the insurance risks: • hail storm • flood • • autumn frost. ► 2014- 2018 During the years of the agricultural insurance program: • issued 81,453 • Policy […]

“Hope L” MIA employees insure

Georgian Interior Ministry employees and their family members in the company "Imedi L" insure. Medical insurance is the largest transaction value, According to the agreement, 11 455 500 GEL. Insurance company owner "of the health care team," reports, As a result of winning the tender of their insured 65 000-increased. Total number of customers 155 of thousands in. Three companies participated in the tender. "Hope L" - a […]

GCF has a new chief

Co-Investment Fund officially confirmed, the executive director of the George Bachiashvili resigns. A statement issued by the Foundation says, of the equity fund will Tsotne Ebralidze. "Tsotne Ebralidze 2018 Since the Ministry of Tourism Development Director of the Fund and at the same time 2013 Since Georgian Co-managing director of the tourism and real estate trends. Executive Director of the position of the Tea Nation […]

Georgian wine exports increased by 10% - agency

National Wine Agency, 2019 In the first quarter of the world from Georgia 37 in country 19,4 million bottles (0,75 l) wine exported, It 2018 On the same figure 10% higher than the. Agency reported, Value of exported wine 47 million US dollars, It 2018 On compared to the same 16% higher. According to the, Georgian wine increased as the US, Well Asia, Europe and […]

Georgian vineyard plant in Cyprus

Cyprus Georgian vineyards. The Environmental Protection and Agriculture Minister Levan Davitashvili Cyprus in the field of agriculture in the Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony. "Cyprus, as well as tourists developing nations, agricultural trade relations in the direction of a very important. It is also important for viticulture sector cooperation, Because of a growing trend. We will have a Georgian vineyard varieties offer Cypriot side, which […]

How to get the most of any work experience

All services, who may have been living in hope, At some benefits. Matter, This will be the Intern, If a full-time career as a short-term experience. He is working even, which brings us great pleasure, Finally, We turn out to be good for the. we are capable of, Even just the negative useful conclusions, possibly, Moreover, the, rather than doing it, because, In this latter case, […]

Social Shopping

story, how a secondary action Poshmark- own clothing business entrepreneur shinnazardi joint $ 625 million comes from a bazaar. 51 On manish Chandra wearing exactly the same way, It comes from the application of former CEO of Silicon Valley engineer unworthy: It elegantly combines its Louis Vuitton-'s kamarsa and Tommy Bahama-'s shirt Adidas- it's NMD-. This item has been purchased on all Poshmark- - Social shopping […]

In which areas is the highest salary – Updated Statistics

National Statistics Office 2018 During the fourth quarter, the average monthly wages of employees in the information published. In the fourth quarter, the average monthly salary 1 202 GEL. 2017 In the fourth quarter, compared with the average monthly salary is increased by 5.4%. 2018 During the fourth quarter, the highest average salary in the construction sector were – 1941 Larry. Second place in the financial sector – 1902 […]

Remittances from Russia decreases

2018 On March immigrants from Russia, Georgia's funds began to decline. Last year Russia Transfers 11 million reduced. The decline was much higher in the last four months. 2018 From November 2019 On February messages 8 million reduced. In February this year 2018 compared to February 2 million reduced. despite, to separate […]