Boeing-ის საბაზრო ღირებულება 40 მილიარდი დოლარით შემცირდა | Georgia Business Finder
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Boeing-'s market value 40 billion decreased

<span lang =Boeing-ის საბაზრო ღირებულება 40 მილიარდი დოლარით შემცირდა" />
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American avia giant, The company's market value in March Boeing- 40 billion is reduced. The TV channel CNN reports.

Existing data, March Boeing-'s share price decreased by 18%. This means, the total value of its assets decreased 40 billion. "Last year's report of the Boeing atsakhdebda, that 100 billion worth of products sold ", – CNN writes.

According to the report, The reason Ethiopia Boeing 737 He fell to MAX-. Recall, Ethiopian Airlines Boeing "737 Max 8" has died 10 March suffered. Passenger plane in Addis Ababa - Ethiopia's capital Nairobi flights carried out and leaving a few minutes later crashed. on board 149 passengers and crew 8 Member of. All of them were killed in the air crash. At the same type of plane crash in the previous five months, has undergone.

After a number of countries at international level for the Boeing airspace temporarily shut down. Another part of the cost of its use suspended.

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