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Residence, business and life in Georgia

<span lang =اقامت، کسب و کار و زندگی در کشور گرجستان" />
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Residency requirements, business and life in Georgia

گرجستان به‌عنوان یک کشور در حال پیشرفت در منطقه قفقاز با توجه به نزدیکی نسبی به ایران توسط هموطنان ایرانی مورد توجه ویژه قرار گرفته است، به بررسی شرایط لازم برای اقامت گرجستان و شرایط زندگی و کسب و کار در این کشور خواهیم پرداخت

Georgia in recent years, due to strategic regional business activity and the economy by Western governments and Europe are supported, so also now as a country right in the investment and especially exports and imports by many investors have been

But the situation in Georgia must point out that your choice for a matter of life and migrate to Georgia should be carefully done because the country has its own conditions and all that lives and stay Georgia is not simple and the topics that follow, can a good guide for those who want to travel to the country

Labor situation in Georgia

کار در گرجستان شرایط به خصوص خود را دارد، به خصوص که برعکس آن چیزی که بسیاری از افراد در مورد آن آگاهی ندارند، آن هم اینکه، گرجستان کشور ثروتمندی نیست و انتظار یک زندگی با کیفیت بالا در آن شاید آنچنان منطقی به نظر نرسد.

Business in Georgia

In Georgia can not find work easily and abundantly. Generally, people at work willingly little foreign labor, and this intensified finds that the applicant is outside the control of the Georgian language is not, then one of the important conditions for enterprises in Georgia dominate relative to the Georgian language was that language is not so difficult, but if we're honest, the grammar of the language is very difficult

Note the salary in Georgia is much less than what you think. The people of Georgia on the contrary, many people in our country, to live with low wages were satisfied and their expectations are not too high. پس توجه داشته باشید که شما در هنگام استخدام در گرجستان آنچنان شاید نتوانید درخواست پرداخت حقوق خیلی خوب از سمت کارفرما داشته باشید مگر اینکه در کار خود بسیار تبحر داشته باشید و شرکت مقابل نیز به تخصص شما نیاز داشته باشد

The majority of entrepreneurs and employers Georgians also accord priority to the recruitment Georgian or Russian influence, so by the terms we recommend is perhaps attached to the issue of employment in Georgia so you can have good results, so in the hope of recruiting and in Georgia, the Georgia travel and migrate

Life situation in Georgia

Georgia Very quiet with minimal concern that the country could be a good choice for a life without worries. But the important thing is to know the situation in Georgia than in most European countries is seen as not comparable because Georgia is making progress to achieve the living standards of European Union Europe to this country entered the Union Europe, so we recommend that you all heard from people that their knowledge is very limited compared to the Georgia factor and you're seeking the truth

Stay in Georgia

Level Living in Georgia For most Iranians may be appropriate. Georgian culture is different, but most Iranians with many of the habits and culture of the people of Georgia can cope. Georgian people are simple and kind if the proper conditions for your life, living in Georgia can definitely pleasurable.

Georgian people are happy in your holidays a week (Saturday and Sunday) Often pay to have fun and such a lifestyle might be attractive to Iranians. Georgia's concerns and stress levels low and many people are comfortable living conditions

Why migrate and live in Georgia?

با تمامی مسائل مطرح شده شاید از خود بپرسید که با توجه به شرایط ذکر شده، پس چه دلیلی وجود دارد که یک شخص برای زندگی به گرجستان مهاجرت کند؟ جواب این است که دلایل گوناگونی برای مهاجرت به گرجستان وجود دارد . Some of these are as follows

Living in Georgia

high security: Georgia can be considered a safe country, despite low rates of crime and the reason behind this is. At any time of the day can be surfing on the street, without a moment even give you a sense of insecurity, Georgian police patrols regularly in most parts of Tbilisi and Georgia outstanding thing about this country
good condition Business in Georgia: کشور گرجستان در حال حاضر به‌عنوان یک منطقه استراتژیک برای تجارت بین اروپا و آسیا شناخته می‌شود و به همین دلیل است که از تاریخ اول ژانویه ۲۰۱۸، معاهده تجارت آزاد میان گرجستان و چین به مرحله اجرایی در آمده است. The Georgian government has already entrepreneurs, employers and investors to support many

Easy کسب و کار And simply registering a company in Georgia : انجام هرگونه کسب و کار در کشور گرجستان نیازمند ثبت یک شرکت در این کشور است، اما لازم است بدانید سیستم اداری شرکت گرجستان بسیار پیشرفته بوده و ظرف حداکثر ۴۸ ساعت می توانید یک شرکت را در این کشور ثبت کنید.
Favorable investment situation in Georgia : Georgia, an excellent opportunity to the investors that any person invest a minimum amount of 300 thousand Georgian Lari to invest in the country, can obtain permanent resident status in the first place. It is necessary to know the state of Georgia now and New Year's, Georgia's stay more investors and entrepreneurs grants
Georgia and possible future accession to the EU Ghrybalvqv Europe: پرونده کشور گرجستان در خصوص پیوستن به حوزه اتحادیه اروپا سال‌هاست مورد بررسی است و در سال‌های اخیر نیز پیگیری‌های جدی‌تری در این خصوص صورت پذیرفته و در سال ۲۰۱۷ امکان سفر بدون ویزا به حوزه شینگن برای شهروندان گرجستان فراهم شد
Buying property in Georgia is simple : Unlike many other countries, buying property in Georgia is simple and its price is cheap. Any foreign person to purchase a property worth at least 35 thousand dollars America can stay Georgia adopted for spouse and children under 21 years of age and their parents the residence certificate and as long as the property in his name. This accommodation by Georgia extended
Proximity to Iran : Many Iranians when migrating great concern about the distance from Iran, Georgia and Iran are fortunately very low and the air flight from Tbilisi (Georgia's capital) To Tehran, a distance of about 1 hour and 20 minutes. The resort is easily possible

Interested able to get advice on setting up business in Georgia, investment in the country and all matters related to property can be Holding international developers As one of the most prestigious companies in Georgia in touch

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