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A new way to improve productivity

A new way to improve productivity
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You want to be more productive, but you can’t find any tasks to drop from your calendar. You don’t have any idea how to do the tasks more efficiently. If you could just plan your schedule better, you could reach productivity nirvana. “After two decades of studying productivity, I’ve become convinced that time management is not a solution — it’s actually part of the problem”. Said Adam Grant. There are a limited number of hours in the day, and focusing on time management just makes us more aware of how many of those hours we waste

A better option is attention management: Prioritize the people and projects that matter, and it won’t matter how long anything takes. Attention management is the art of focusing on getting things done for the right reasons, in the right places and at the right moments.

Sure enough, a series of studies led by Julia Lee show that bad weather is good for productivity because we’re less likely to be distracted by the thought of going outside. Researchers found that on days when it rained, Japanese bank employees finished transactions faster, and on days when the weather was bad in America, people were more efficient in correcting spelling errors in an essay. With that in mind, I deliberately waited to start writing this article until the day after a snowstorm, when the melting slush outside my window was not appealing.

If you’re trying to be more productive, don’t analyze how you spend your time. Pay attention to what consumes your attention, And one more point: sure there’s an eighth habit of highly effective people. They don’t spend all their time reading about the seven habits of highly effective people.

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