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A candidate for the ruling ruling party in Georgia was elected president

A candidate for the ruling ruling party in Georgia was elected president
Political News

The ruling party in Georgia decided at the Political Council meeting to support the candidacy of Ms. Salome Zur Abishwali in the presidential election, the former foreign minister of the country.

Ms. Zur Abishwali, the News Corner News Agency, in 2010, headed the United Nations Security Council Commission on Sanctions Against Iran.
Speaking at the session of the political council of the ruling party “The Dream of Georgia”, Georgian parliamentary speaker Irakli Kubakhidze called Mrs. Zurabishvili a suitable candidate for the upcoming presidential election and stated that he could go beyond the political affinities of the interests of the country and society Prioritize.
The “dream of Georgia” party has so far refused to introduce a candidate for the presidential election, which was held on October 28 (November 6th), however, the Georgian media have already said about the intention of the “dream of Georgia” party to support The candidacy of Ms. Zur Abishwali, former foreign minister and parliamentary representative of the country, who had dual citizenship in France and Georgia, was reportedly reported.
Zorbashvili recently left French citizenship in connection with his candidacy for the presidential elections in Georgia.
He is 66 years old and was born in 1952 in the Georgian immigrant family in Paris.
His grandfather was a member of the Georgian delegation in 1918 and 1919, and he immigrated to France after the establishment of the Soviet Communist regime in Grhastan.
Zorbashvili was a graduate of the University of Political Sciences in Paris and Columbia University, and served as the first secretary of the French embassy in the United States, as deputy permanent representative of France in the European Union, as well as the head of the French National Defense Secretariat in international affairs and strategy.
Zorabishevili began his career in 2003 as the French ambassador to Georgia, and in March 2004 he was appointed as the Foreign Minister of Georgia, and worked for nearly one and a half years in the post of Mikhail Saakashvili.
He terminated his duties in November 2005 and actively opposed the Iranian government during the protest rallies of 2007 and 2009 with the establishment of the Georgian Way Political Party.
Zorabishevili announced in November 2010 that he would end his presence in the Georgian political arena. In 2012, he joined the “Dream of Georgia” coalition supported by Georgia’s billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili, but never to the Georgia Dream Party Not joined
Zorbashvili is a member of the Georgian Parliament since 2016.
A total of 46 people have registered as candidates for the presidential election in the country’s Central Election Commission.

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