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PM Raises Georgia’s Territorial Problems at 73rd Session of UN General Assembly

PM Raises Georgia’s Territorial Problems at 73rd Session of UN General Assembly
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Georgian Prime Minister at the UN General Assembly: 25 years ago, occupation of Georgia’s historical part in Abkhaz began.

“Ten years ago, the Russian Federation carried out another large-scale military aggression against my country, which resulted in the complete occupation of two historic and undivided regions of Georgia – Abkhazia and Tskhinvali,” he added.

The Prime Minister noted the growing militarization of these regions that is underway, and that a sharp decline in the population is becoming more and more acute problem.

“Due to the heaviest humanitarian, socioeconomic and human rights conditions, the number of people in the occupied regions has been reduced 4-fold compared to the pre-occupation period. Barbed wire fences and other artificial barriers separate families from each other and violate fundamental human rights,” he stressed.

Bakhtadze noted that the locals are even banned from educating their children in their own language.

“The facts of kidnapping, inhuman and cruel treatment, torture and murder continue. Recent victims of these facts are our citizens Archil Tatunashvili, Giga Otkhozoria, and 18-year-old David Basharuli,” he said.

According to the PM, Georgia is trying to use the format of the Geneva International Discussions to peacefully resolve the conflict.

“However, our attempts at the negotiating table still face unreasonable and totally unacceptable contradictions from the Russian side. I would like to once again emphasize that the efforts of the UN, which is a co-chair of the discussions with the OSCE and the European Union, in the Geneva negotiations are very important for us,” he emphasized.

Bakhtadze underlined that in the 21st century, when people, nations and cultures seek more integration and development, artificial barriers and the installation of barbed wire fences are inadmissible.

“We want to break our relationship deadlock but only on the basis of state sovereignty, territorial integrity and respect for the principles of the international law, “the Prime Minister said.

He also called on the Russian Federation to withdraw its forces from the territories of Georgia.

“I call on the Russian Federation – meet your international commitments and withdraw your troops from the territory of Georgia,” Bakhtadze stressed.

“The situation in the occupied territories of Georgia is a humanitarian catastrophe. The international community’s firm support in the peaceful resolution of the Russia-Georgia conflict is critically important. We must stand together and stand strong,” he added.

Source: Georgiatoday

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