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Random caviar King

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the world's most desired fish eggs are not produced in Russia. Bill holsti, Wisconsin scrap warehouse owner, China prepares them.

Wisconsin side of the Mississippi River, Along State Road 35-Old boats, cars and refrigerators full of waste storehouse, where daily 20,000 pounds of aluminum melts the top. the entrance of the pegs hand-written sign reminds all those entering: Put on a shirt. inside 69 year, blue jeans-clad, Corn farmers in the third generation farmer representative Billy sits holsti, the scrap metal business 12 years ago. “I see the value of such things, It is worthless to others, - he says. - I am ready to risk more”.

That risk can be explained by the more exotic businesses holstis one - Hangzhou Qiandaohu Xunlong Sci-Tech-'s, In the sprawling farm and sturgeon caviar processing company's existence. 7,000 miles away, East China, artificial lake built Hangzhou world's biggest manufacturer of caviar company: 30% of the world market and in its expected revenue $35 million. Such scales, low labor costs and the high retail price of one ounce ', possibly, $150-s reach – about company 25% brings profit margin. holsti joint venture 24% owned by one of the largest and (and the only American) investors.

It holsts world's most successful entrepreneur, a caviar is, it's competitors owns Hangzhou-. Two decades holsti Hungary and Germany caviar brand name selling Desietra-. last year, As a result of the relatively moderate prices, its European businesses $8 million for.

but Hangzhou is his treasure. two decades, after that, Russian and Iranian caviar wild banned, his farm for the production of caviar in the world's most sought-after. Kaluga Queen- market is known to spawn, Now, Hundreds of the best restaurant you will be served. They include France Michelin three-star 28 From Prison 22 and Eleven Madison Park- found in New York. The famous chef Alain dukasma various locations around the world in their own 30 Restaurant caviar after supplied, It visited the farm three years ago. Vladimir Putin caviar taste 2016 On the G20 summit tasting.

Hangzou also a major supplier of large luxury brands, such Petrossian- and Caviar House- I.. and chef Thomas Keller's trading brand, Regis Ova-'s cans are filled holstis kvirititaa. “China this farm has the best quality caviar, - Eric Ripert, the chef says, The Le Bernardin-'s Seafood Tasting $160 Menu one ounce of caviar $150 offers additional person. “It is not too salty. nor bitter. Not tkhilisnairi. Almost as good, like wild caviar, When it was sold in the market. best wild caviar mean, 20 years ago that you could, geshova”. The holsts thousand things pay for themselves, which has led the industry with caviar. 1968 in college and left insulation factory started to work on the night shift, Four hours were paid $ 2. 22 At age began remodeling business. After this, sand and gravel to, 1970-late, The quarry bought. 1995 On the 11-owned. One such place, streams emerging from the lake to fish planted, that his son etevzava. St holstis friend. From Paul-, whose hobby was to increase the garage Sturgeon, it introduced Canada's indigenous tribes, who sold fish. holstma found, Fish that sound could keep skillful. 1999 A friend learned in, that Hungary's sturgeon farm went bankrupt and could buy his.

holsts previously never taste of caviar and the United States have rarely been outside, but flew to Budapest and the $10,000 Casey took full of cash to, the officials at the meeting to persuade, Company to sell him. The Hungarian government has agreed to $ 200,000. This amount is paid in cash the entire holstma.

update immediately. (holsts Finance rich flux hoped after, In Wisconsin, which sold the mining business. Out of a pre $14 million, but 30 the rest of the year $32 million received in the form of royalty.) „[Previous owner] The farmer was not, - he says. - Five percent of the business side or back gadagitsqvets, If you win you will have gone bankrupt. all the details have to pay attention ". This may be a detail, like some female sturgeon through gamokvebaa: if they are needed more than gasukda, her ovaries no longer produce eggs. Since sturgeon to reach an elderly age of 4 12 it takes years, One small mistake in May, The work over the water flush. Before holsti Hungary Farm revitalization was busy, He caviar German company bought the bankrupt, which he named Desietra. Within four years, the company has been able to profit.

holsts group of Chinese investors to get in touch, making it the first company in China to open the caviar. They have already had a sturgeon farm, The fish meat is sold, But the production of caviar to start over finances and competence needed. 2004 In about holstma $2 million invested in 49% of the share exchange. (Half a year has sold, because the company wanted publicity in China, where a foreign citizen's property ownership is limited.) "I am, Whatever you call it impulsive buyer, - he says.- I see something and I do not need to check his ten years. If a favorable deal, The instant accept, Because it may not be tomorrow's ".

China's first tin 2006 Shipped in. Since increased rapidly. "We started collecting enough inventory, it previously had, To, The first fish to achieve ovulation, - holsti says.- If on the other Wait, 3%-or 4% more for caviar get. Your earnings will increase to 30% or 40%. Here, So ". 2016 Hangzhou, the world's largest companies in the caviar, The company's next quarter volume was. Last year, production increased by 40%. This year has been increased by 30%.

and before being separated by Hangzhou- wants, holsti its creation of new companies is focused on. China's interests and reduce its European businesses to invest more in planning. Hungary's, Italy and Greece, the new monitors farms. Such a step holsts Europe's biggest producers of caviar turns. "I went there that I started this business and caviar, People thought, the world's most stupid people I was ", - he says, adding, that will run, I did not eat. its home opener, and one can not even. khutsadzinebliani, Corn crops sheltered in a modest house near, where he was with his girlfriend, Nancy lives with. - We like simple things ".

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