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Russian threat to Georgia's Economy

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Political News

ამ დღეებში სხვადასხვა სახელმწიფო უწყებამ გამოაქვეყნა სტატისტიკური მონაცემები, რომლებიც ერთი შეხედვით გასახარია. In particular, ნეგატიური პროგნოზების და ღორის გრიპის მიუხედავად, 2019 In January, the number of tourists in Georgia increased again – This time 18% 2018 In comparison with January.

Besides, It turned out, that 2018 წელს არნახულად გაიზარდა სასოფლო-სამეურნეო პროდუქციის ექსპორტი, Having reached 935 million. dollars. ამ პროდუქციის ჩამონათვალში ღვინოცაა, the export of which has increased 2017 compared with 20%.

Yes, it's good? These figures indicate, the increasing foreign exchange revenues, the creation of new jobs, and ultimately the economy will grow.. However., Somehow I was not happy, but also seriously concerned.

The reason is, that all of this growth will come from the main part of Russia – Agricultural products, including wine exports, That is largely associated with the neighbors we capricious – Russia goes through the Georgian wine 62%, Peaches 76 %, Citrus 65%..

a little bit less dependent on Russia Tourism, However,, He is still the critical level. This is evidenced by the numbers – 2018 In the region 8,4 million. foreign visitors, between them 1, 4 million. იყო რუსეთიდან…However,, სტატისტიკის მოშველიება სულაც არაა საჭირო – Suffice it to sign in Old Tbilisi, In Batumi, Winter resorts, and easy-to-understand, Which language is prevailing among foreign tourists..

Along with being one of a very unpleasant event – Decreases in the number of tourists as the alternative and fast growing market, As Iran. The xenophobes can celebrate – Their aggression, which for some reason is concentrated in others still, and still the Iranians, yield results. "Georgian Dream", which is fine sentiments plebsis, Everything is made to reduce the number of unwanted visitors asian.

As a result, – 2019 In January, arrived in Georgia on 40% fewer tourists.. This loss is compensated by the… Can you guess whose account? of course, Russians, the number increased to 18%..

In a word, If there is a palpable increase – Everywhere you see the Russian trace..

But do wrong will understand, არაფერი მაქვს რუსი ტურისტების და რუსული ბაზრის საწინაამღდეგოსაქართველო ტურისტული ქვეყანაა და მიესალმება ყველა სტუმარს, of the Russians. especially, Russian tourists are returning to Georgia and are rarely seen in the so-called putinistebi. "Vatnikebi" . Moreover, Mostly they are very proper and polite behavior, Unlike their countrymen,, who massively arrive, for example, in Turkey.

The only problem is, that is about Russia, where all of these goods can accurately stop 1 minute..

This is a psychological problem. For thousands of years the Georgians could not imagine, It is possible to rotate the earth without Russia – economic, Export, Tourists – It's all these centuries were mostly Russian, and it had an impact of tsnobierebaze.

during the previous government of the very important things – the first time in centuries Georgians showed, that the earth rotates without Russia. that it is possible to build an economy and the development of the Russian market without the, that can bring tourists dressing countries, And not only from Russia.


2012 year of economic dependence on Russia was 0%.

შემდეგ რაც მოხვდა – We all know. The government has changed, and came to the government, რომლის ძირითადი პროგრამა იყო – doing all of the previous government of spite, Among these issues.

0% attitude soon disappeared without a trace, Russia is the main importer of Georgian products, and today, and the main source of tourists. Georgians are slowly returning to their traditional psychological cliches – Earth spins again not without Russia.


Georgia and its government Mindless, recklessly, picked up by the new rules of the game. იოლმა ფულმა ასე იცის – country chaqo leg trap, One that will be launched.


So far, the Georgian economy is critically dependent on Russia, However,, He blindly, გაუცნობიერებლად, მიქრის ამ მიმართულებით. This is the day of the, როდესაც ეს კრიტიკული ზღვარი გადაილახებახაფანგიც ჩაიკეტება.


Undoubtedly, Once the Kremlin will use it, და მოითხოვს რამეს ისეთს, რისი შესრულებაც იქნება შეუძლებელი. or a change in Georgia, after the government, და ქვეყნის სათავეში მოვა ვიღაცა, who they do not want the Kremlin. excuses or play some role, One glance, slight – for example, Lugar Lab.


or who knows what.. a reason and are plenty, When it comes to Russia.


Russia will lose market, and restrict tourist flow, რასაც ექნება უმძიმესი შედეგები რუსულ ნემსზე გვარიანად ჩამომჯდარი საქართველოსთვის.

და ყველაფერი დაიწყება ნოლიდან – as 2005 in. All along the way will be blown away, და ქვეყანას თავიდან მოუწევს იმის გაცნობიერება, that the earth rotates without Russia.


Therefore, Total positive tsiprebi..isev not happy about it 0% I prefer..

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