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What is a smart construction materials, that your home provides long-term stability

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სა­ქარ­თვე­ლოს ბან­კის სა­თა­ვო ოფი­სი, დი­ნა­მოს სტა­დი­ო­ნი, ში­ნა­გან საქ­მე­თა სა­მი­ნის­ტრო, Tbilisi Mall, "Radisson Blu Iveria", Opera and Ballet Theater, ბა­თუ­მის სა­ბა­ჟო ტერ­მი­ნა­ლი, პი­ა­ცა ბა­თუ­მი, ბა­თუ­მის დელ­ფი­ნა­რი­უ­მი, fortress – In this and many other prominent buildings across the country have a common. This penetronia – მა­სა­ლა, The buildings were built or restored the building.

პე­ნეტ­რონს ჭკვი­ან მა­სა­ლა­საც უწო­დე­ბენ. It will be used as a large complex construction, and private construction. მა­სა­ლე­ბი 1959 In the United States set up, Georgia has officially 2007 წლი­და­ნაა წარ­მოდ­გე­ნი­ლი. Penetron of interesting details and tips about using the Georgia "Penetron" Official Representative Director Jimsher addressed Shengelia.

What material is used and penetroni?

პე­ნეტ­რო­ნი ზე­და­პირ­ზე წა­სას­მე­ლი მა­სა­ლაა, which confers resistance to water and concrete in every way to protect him. He used all the concrete structure of the building process, and restoration of. He called infiltration waterproofing, as a result of application of concrete to reach him and makes it waterproof.

პე­ნეტ­რო­ნი შე­იქ­მნა ამე­რი­კა­ში, სამ­ხედ­რო უწყე­ბე­ბის მი­წის­ქვე­შა ნა­გე­ბო­ბე­ბის აგ­რე­სი­უ­ლი გა­რე­მოს­გან დაც­ვის მიზ­ნით. It was a check of ballistic missiles and mines, which because of humidity and water problems for a. these mines outside the process was incredible, because they were underground. პრობ­ლე­მის მო­საგ­ვა­რებ­ლად მეც­ნი­ერ­თა ჯგუფ­მა შექ­მნა მა­სა­ლა, will melt and the concrete structure from within glides. It penetrates the concrete body 1 მეტ­რი სიღ­რმე­ზე, kapilarebsa concrete pores and creates a water insoluble crystals and it is forging. The crystals in the water no longer runs. Curiously, penetroni complex that protects not only the concrete water and moisture, but the more aggressive garemosgana. He penetroni neutral salts, ტუ­ტე­ბის, მჟა­ვე­ბის, ნავ­თო­ბის, On the sea, მე­დე­გია რა­დი­ა­ცი­ის მი­მარ­თაც.

penetroni initially apply only to. After the development of a new stage set and went up Penetron admiksi, and that additive is added during preparation of concrete, and the same principle is forging pores crystals, რო­გორც წა­სას­მე­ლი პე­ნეტ­რო­ნი.

პე­ნეტ­რო­ნი გა­მო­ყე­ნე­ბუ­ლია მი­ლი­ო­ნო­ბით ობი­ექ­ტზე, მთე­ლი მსოფ­ლი­ოს მას­შტა­ბით. has not been the case, Penetron materials that the group does not justify its purpose. He is a global brand, the degree and timing of that is confirmed.

რა­ტომ უწო­დე­ბენ პე­ნეტ­რონს ჭკვი­ან მა­სა­ლას?

Various additives made of concrete, is not protected from micro, which inevitably raises the plant during operation and leads to violations of waterproofing. Their emergence in the case of re-applying Penetron is no longer needed. It comes with treatment and recovery smart "feature". 0,4 mm cracks in the water itself and fill the crack propagation starts mokhvedritanave penetroni. შე­დე­გად ჰიდ­რო­ი­ზო­ლა­ცია ჩვე­უ­ლებ­რივ აგ­რძე­ლებს მუ­შა­ო­ბას. მნიშ­ვნე­ლო­ვა­ნია, Its operation is based on the pores filled, not lower, As it happens in other cases.

penetroni construction only if it is used during the reconstruction effort?

ხში­რია შემ­თხვე­ვე­ბი, When for some reason the building is damaged or poorly constructed, ნა­კე­რებ­ში წყა­ლი ჟო­ნავს, cold joints or structural cracks. they process the material is Penecrete material, რო­მე­ლიც პე­ნეტ­რონ­თან ერ­თად გა­მო­ი­ყე­ნე­ბა ბზა­რე­ბის, ნა­კე­რე­ბის, გა­დაბ­მე­ბის, შე­მა­ვა­ლი კო­მუ­ნი­კა­ცი­ე­ბის, კონ­სტრუქ­ცი­უ­ლი ბმე­ბის ჰიდ­რო­ი­ზო­ლა­ცი­ის­თვის.

ასე­ვე, is peneplagi, რო­მე­ლიც ბე­ტო­ნის, აგუ­რის, Natural stones in the construction of water flows Instant visible on liquidation. peneplagi used Penetron and Penecrete material with. peneplagis action feature based on its rapidly expanded and strengthened the influence of water.

is characterized by temperature and deformation stitches buildings, When the construction of two independent and movable junction. moving as it is for other technology asrebobs. This is a special list that gadaekvreba epoxy glue, რომ­ლი­თაც და­ე­წე­ბე­ბა ბე­ტონს. mobile and deformation seam protects the building from water and humidity do not enter.

ზო­გა­დად, Concrete protection Why is it so important?

Concrete waterproofing protection structures have a direct impact on the durability and sustainability of the time. If the concrete is carried by water, aggressive environmental causes metal corrosion and its structure begins to collapse in a few years. Humidity in the number of serious, including, ონ­კო­ლო­გი­უ­რი და­ა­ვა­დე­ბე­ბის გა­მომ­წვე­ვი მი­ზე­ზია. That is why it is important, Great attention to the protection of concrete. must be aware of the fact, Penetron concrete quality materials that actually protect other "soft" compared with expensive materials does not come out. მა­გა­ლი­თად, If the average of the building will be used for soft materials for waterproofing, such as "equal", რუ­ბე­რო­ი­დი, ბი­ტუ­მი, This square meter 11-12 Gel expenses, On the other hand, the flow rate of the Penetron 12 ლა­რამ­დეა. The price is not much different result is, the "soft" insulation in the best case a few years of being abused, the guarantee period or even during the period can not live, When penetroniani concrete forever and guaranteed to work.

Georgia, when it appeared in the product and what was the reaction to it?

სა­ქარ­თვე­ლო­ში ჩვე­ნი ის­ტო­რია 2007 started in. From the beginning, the product of particular interest to. Almost all large-scale construction or restoration, It is happening in Georgia, We use materials. მო­თხოვ­ნა მუდ­მი­ვად მზარ­დია, because it is actively used in the private binatmsheneblobashi. Their interest, the construction of a high-quality, So often the owners and customers communicate with others fluently and advice concerning the materials we use in construction. That's why our customers a bigger portion of the private binatmsheneblebi.

თუმ­ცა ხში­რად შევ­ხვედ­რილ­ვათ შემ­თხვე­ვებს, რო­დე­საც მშე­ნე­ბე­ლი, The so-called "prarabi" avoids the use of Penetron, რად­გან:

· „პრა­რა­ბე­ბი­სა“ და მშე­ნებ­ლე­ბი არა­ინ­ფორ­მი­რე­ბუ­ლე­ბი არი­ან თა­ნა­მედ­რო­ვე ინო­ვა­ცი­უ­რი პრო­დუქ­ტე­ბის შე­სა­ხებ

· მათ მეტი სარ­გე­ბე­ლი აქვთ ფი­ნან­სუ­რად „ტრა­დი­ცი­უ­ლი“ მა­სა­ლე­ბის გა­მო­ყე­ნე­ბა­ში, taking away a share of the trade, and so on.

· თუ ჰიდ­რო­ი­ზო­ლა­ცია და­ირ­ღვე­ვა, a great chance, that appeal to them again, and this additional income from repairs.

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