რა გაზსადენია „ჩრდილოეთის ნაკადი-2“ და რატომ ებრძვის მის აშენებას ამდენი ქვეყანა? | Georgia Business Finder
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What pipeline "Nord Stream 2" and why so many countries struggling to build?

<span lang =რა გაზსადენია „ჩრდილოეთის ნაკადი-2“ და რატომ ებრძვის მის აშენებას ამდენი ქვეყანა?" />
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12 February EU officials to discuss gas pipeline "Nord Stream 2" status, Now that the Baltic Sea from Russia Ust-lugi German Greifswald being built. US and many European countries are opposed to the project, But as Russia and Germany on this issue in its main mokvshire close to victory. Late last week, the German government was able to reach a compromise with France, who were not sure. What is the "Nord Stream 2" and why is it dangerous to build?

What is gas and why it broke out due to a fight?

"Nord Stream 2" another pipeline, "Nord Stream 1" "twin", which 2012 launched. Both are designed for pipeline 55 მილიარდი კუბომეტრი გაზის მიწოდებაზე ლენინგრადის ოლქიდან გერმანიაში ბალტიის ზღვის გავლით. 55 billion cubic meters – This is more than a quarter of total exports of Russian gas to Europe. პროექტის აქციათა საკონტროლო პაკეტი რუსეთის სახელმწიფო კორპორაცია „გაზპრომს“ ეკუთვნის. The participants in the European energy companies. The project is very beneficial for its participants: Predicted, That's expenses 9 წელიწადში აანაზღაურებს (comparison, "Nord Stream 1" reimbursement period 14 years, According to the contract because it reduced tariffs).

But it is obvious, Russia is interested not only in economic benefits. Now the Russian gas to Europe via Ukraine falls, and "Northern stream 2" for the first time, რუსეთს სრულად გაათავისუფლებს უკრაინაზე დამოკიდებულებისაგან.

Now The situation is similar: რუსეთს ევროპაში გაჰქონდა 200 billion cubic meters of gas a little bit more; The, transit through Ukraine 2018 in 86 billion cubic meters, respectively. this, The United States is estimated to be, Kiev is about two billion dollars to the country's GDP or 2%; even 1% of the Ukrainian gas shortages due to lose – 2014 Since he had not been formally buys gas from Russia, But the EU agreement with the transit part of its uses.

yet, Russian gas to Europe via Ukraine to supply, But 31 დეკემბერს ვადა ეწურება გრძელვადიან კონტრაქტს, Moscow which it binds; Parties may (but do not have the obligation) new contract. That's the date of Russia plans to finish construction of two pipeline. these are, "Nord Stream 2" and "Turkish stream" (two pipelines, რომელთა საერთო გამტარობა 30 billion cubic meters exceeds); ერთად ისინი თავისუფლად ფარავენ უკრაინული ტრანზიტის მთლიან მოცულობას. As a result,, already 2020 Ukraine may be another year of economic crisis within the.

რუსეთის ენერგეტიკის მინისტრმა ალექსანდრ ნოვაკმა განაცხადა, that 2020 will not stop the supply of gas through Ukraine in Kiev even if the agreement is not signed. „გაზრომის“ ხელმძღვანელმა ალექსეი მილერმა თქვა, რომ მაშინაც თუ რუსეთი განაგრძობს უკრაინის გავლით ევროპისთვის გაზის მიწოდებას, He transit 10-15 billion cubic meters will reduce.

Experts have identified two issues: First – არავინ გარდა თავად რუსეთისა არ არის დაინტერესებული იმით, Ukraine gas business from fully excluded. Second, European gas market share in Russia (He now supplies a third of the total exceeds and increases) პრეტენზია ამერიკის შეერთებულ შტატებს აქვს. Therefore, the project "North Stream-2" is not acceptable to the US for, Many European countries also.

How were the resistance?

Ukraine has repeatedly asked the EU to block the project; მას მხარს უჭერდნენ Various experts, Eastern European countries, the majority of politicians, The European Parliament and the United States. US authorities are still threatening the project participants sanctions. All of them are concerned about the project on political grounds,, that Europe will become too dependent on Russian gas, According to Moscow "energy blackmail" will leverage.

Romania, Now that the EU presidency, "Nord Stream 2" bureaucratic procedures intended to sink; ევროკავშირის გაზის დირექტივებში რუმინეთის მიერ შეთავაზებული ცვლილებებით, "Gazprom" of the project should be taken away from the operator function (The company had to be the only independent), and "tube" volume 50% Other gas suppliers must be kept. It's all about the project and the terms of the compensation question.

Last minute changes in Germany refused to even debate, But in early February, Suddenly, France supported Romania, Prior to that, "North Stream" was considered a supporter of building. 8 თებერვალს მთელი ღამის განმავლობაში მიმდინარე მოლაპარაკებების შემდეგ მხარეებმა კომპრომისს მიაღწიეს; Germany has agreed to, that changes could be made in, მაგრამ ერთი პირობით: decision on, whether all pipeline bureaucratic rules, He will take the country, whose territory the pipeline from the sea "amoqvintavs". "Nord Stream" in the case of Germany itself.

Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel tried to calm the opponents of the EU beyond the current project: He said Ukraine, Russia has a long-term agreement to sign a new transit-related; Americans promised, რომ ევროპა აშშ-ისგან მეტ ფიქლის გაზს იყიდის. That is what he wantedEU from Donald Trump, who has promised to supply gas to Europe, If he refuses to cooperate with Russia.

Why should not the European Union of Russian gas instead of Buy American?

American shale gas and Russia's pipeline gas is much more expensive; Therefore, the US is suspected of, რომ ის ეკონომიკური სარგებლის მისაღებად პოლიტიკურ სიტუაციას იყენებს. The European Union recognizes the, Shale gas is needed to purchase, Europe's dependence on Russia because it frees. მაგრამ რეალურად აშშ-ს მსხვილ მიწოდებებზე მხოლოდ რამდენიმე ქვეყანა მოელაპარაკა, Poland. In other cases, US to open the gas markets of individual companies when buying Russian gas araskmarisia. Meanwhile, 2015 Since Europe is more and more gas consumption, It concerns, EU that the thermal mass transfer of gas from other fuels. germaniistvisa the price of politics is more important.

"Gazprom" won?

yet, not. likely, "Nord Stream" will not block the opponents of the project, But the gas may delay an agreement amending the Directives. If all the bureaucratic barriers in the middle of the period is not removed, The dates may be extended and Russia will, The main trump hand without having to come to terms with Ukraine on the transit.

Besides, It is possible to, that the United States applies sanctions against the participants of the project. Many of them have already said, in that case, The project "North Stream-2" will leave.

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