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“if only, favorite with not see…”

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“please, Give me a chance, All told. Maybe after reading this letter, everybody should know my father, the biggest mistake, When I was “Immersion” saw and did everything, the mother, Communication with her husband amreoda…” – This letter 23 year ia mogvtsera. One girl I met in the park. His father's stories and methods of revenge, To tell the truth, shocked me.

– prematurely, 18 On age, I. I met his future wife relative's wedding. There were his parents.

samamtilosa the way he liked me, Glad to say: The arrival of the wedding party, In a feast, because of the cost, This girl that gagvetsnoo. Then I spoke to my parents: If your child rdzlad and would have nothing against, mogvatkhoveto. Mother “protected me”, – Nowhere hurry, What time does the gatkhovebaao? But you know, village

How people find it difficult to make ends, to educate children and the father said: Consider, not to harry, Maybe the kids really like ertmanetio. wedding the next day Kakha's parents returned to Tbilisi, Kakha relative of the family left behind. it's me 5 years older, and apparently nowhere stsvalobda, His marriage therefore echkarebodat.

– things your parents showed Unemployed Bridegroom?

– Unemployed have been, worked. Although, University did not master, But knowing English, Installation of computer and in his line of work had, with – worked in several places and had a good salary; themselves to their old ones, The amount will gaeplanga. for example, wedding day posing as an enrichment. You'd have seen, They saw that towards Kakha, How joy chqvitinebdnen. I learned, about 200 uchukebia up for them.

– How to marry dagitankhma?
– It is not difficult (smiles). The next day I met. I really liked the old guy and the future of life on the run. Before, there were with followers, But those, their parents' hands, and often look to, pocket drilled tetri was not lying on the ground, well, as me… The second is still pretty fun at the wedding with the crumbs, On the third day he came to my home, My parents spoke to him again. my mother told, – I wanted, still learn. was a talented pupil. Kakha promised, Continue learning what's the problem? Moreover, The student will not have to rent an apartment for his son, nor his studies to earn money on the thinking dagchirdebato. Father joy, almost suffered a serious stroke, – Arika, He was saved my daughter, But he said: My son, Did you think it over and made several days after this opinion will, Come and Ia danishneo. It was a decision of the parents. They are happy, kalishivili head of the family that raised the issue of the road, as it had three more at home like me (smiles)… Briefly, Kakha went, I stayed in the village, But I gave him heart.

– How much time did you meet each other again?

– exactly one month after her father and boyfriend visited, My father was asked. Kakha father finger engagement ring adjusted to me and said,: From now on, he is my son, I am your father. If Mr. upsets you, I will have a job. Chapter one of the fairy-tale hero thought. I was afraid, It's all about the dream has been to open the case, and eye, tale is not finished… Kakha ones performed and supported me to continue studying the. University study, English kursebze trips, Because of the language in this study it was not possible. wife's parents tried, I comfort them and I constantly faced eyes shevtsitsinebdi. from the university returned to the house with sweeping, cooked and suited as a good housewife, I met with members of the family so. Briefly, Very happy, cohesive families lived. mother said: In the village we found the golden egg, from which the most beautiful and incubated chicken is now our home is growing. thanks, that when she returned, and there was no manebivreb mkhvdebao. Briefly, respect each other, we were. afraid of, Such great happiness. I had expectations, It was possible that one day, Something happened, and my happiness is completed, I could not mgaram, The reason you would become a father.

– beloved father with, What circumstances nailed?

– high-rise building of something walking distance ROTC. From a distance, I noticed that the father-in machine, I was surprised, – Here's what I need? rule, The service should have been, his folders tavcharguli. I was scared, – to believe, I came to control me? I thought, I will do, As if I did not see him, But then voiced his yourself gavubrazdi: “What do you have to hide? you should go there and told, nothing to fear, that her son will never betray!” So, Instead of, to enter university, Aside from the road, მის მანქანას მივადექი. so he and his woman were talking complication, only then noticed me, When I headed to them yourself. I've noticed too late, She was sitting in the car, or we might, Back to tear them apart…

– I saw that, What was the reaction?

– was troubled, I even apologized and quickly got… On the day I was sitting at the lecture dashterebuli lecturer and gave me a note. I told, – I feel bad for myself, I said, and let me go home. The chances of the rough on the street, Then near home, Park and thought chamovjeki, How to behave? mother lie to me would not be easy, But I knew, neither father “discharge” ivargebda. I chose, mouth water chamegubebina. shemiqolia thoughts and come home late. Accordingly, Only managed milageba. First came Mr., Then – Naomi. Khatuna the late, She has phoned, then his son, – where are you, What is going on?? – dine without me, magviandebao. Kakha asked for: My daughter in law is to? Did good khasiatzeao? When you talk, well that was, seems, sigh of relief and soon came home. eyes looking at me, interested, What are you thinking, What was meant. abdominal pain movimize and I went to the bedroom. The, It has been 2 I was pregnant. I went to the room late in the morning. father met me at home and told me, – come here, negotiate. – nothing to talk about, your head, he know, But this is the Nata (My Woman has ousted her) Know, I very heart etkineba. – then learns Location, You are not going to say? – it would be good, If I could, But I can not, Such a hero, I do not. Therefore, not be your, I have to lie to my life. me explain, – She's not even my favorite, Just, Old familiar. Something had, called me, gelaparakoo to and refusal to tell? with, The University had stopped and there is therefore. The, she was not even his old acquaintance, The student looked more like, was very young. I told, – There is no need to explain anything. Just, It will be good, If she is maintaining loyalty, I have no right to interfere in this case, and please, Do not hold me to gamrevt.


seems, My words do not like it, since then, Total me with suspicion, My detractors, and his wife whispered to me something. I do not know, nerviulobam impacted on what was, but had a miscarriage. This was the reason, that would further davechagre. Kakha telling, – What became, amdenkhans grandchildren that will machuketo?.. One day I overheard, his wife was telling: is not pregnant, now yes, When we thought, really helped us, she had a miscarriage. This can not be together and Kakha gadzlebeno. Woman has ousted her answer, I do not know, hear these words because I acted badly and fainted.

როცა მამამთილთან მარტო რჩებოდი, Nothing to say? have criticized, unjustly treated?
– once told: I heard, I said what I said. Smiled: Just, Did you imagine? you know, puts his nose could not! – Yes, But I do not say it, and what can I help Khvedelidze at? – I have not heard of distribution rights. from the village, well from gamogatrie, You are now an enemy gadameketsio. argued, it's not like this, I want it too much, to stand by your side and I will know if, that connects you to the woman let, I live with a clear conscience, I do not keep the feelings. laughed: No more dealing with Max, “the bulki” Due to abandon his sister-girl. You can not remove the voice of. If the odds say, leave this house… The last time the relationship dedamtiltana damedzaba. Total think, That am I kidding; seems, Some of the University of interrogation and poor vepranchebi, – where have you been, What aketebdio? recently said: gynecologist to lift, Without really do not leave my son. All this hurt him, But I can not get the voice of: finally, It was the first time he kept our, When her husband told her anything about usaktsielobis? So, Now the outcome of the heart and reap mtkens, smile and say,: do not be afraid, Kakha yourself and I am going to be a child again…

– Kakha guesses nothing?

– I think the last time, Father gave Kakha “poison” And now he can not recognize the – Total bad mood, grumble, as if he is jealous and several shevustsari, bag, The phone is checked. I do not know, How long this will tolerate. I've been so tense, it is possible, any time “I exploded” and to speak the truth, But I'm sure, In this case,, Again I damadanashauleben. father threatened me: If you say something, Know, I can say, Someone saw that the boy with, But because of the child's mouth water chavigube. Know, wife believe me, You will surely get fired Kakha sakhlidano. I am sure, this will happen… In a moment I found myself in hell and I can not find a way out. The, really love husband, As mother and be surprised, the father still have a warm feeling. The only, What I want to understand the, it is, that he no longer has a favorite. In this case, think, the right thing to do, When I hid the truth. think, that these actions could have saved their marriage, But the father was not trying, convince me, that his wife committed.

Lika Kajaia
Magazine “way”

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