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mravalmokmedebiani play TBC Bank, the last is still no end in sight!

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The author's opinion, Roman Gotsiridze, President of the National Bank and former member of Parliament.

Chekhov aloud fired topma

Georgian theater scene, If the wall hangs a sword-daggers, It's just the life of the attributes of traditional Georgian. Chekhov and it is not so: If the play's first act on the wall hangs a gun, As for the end of the gun to shoot an.

National Bank separation after five years of FMS topma gun shot effect. mokmedebistanave first warned the society, that it would come, But it is for the unexpected, In that capacity, and so resonantly ichekebda. Nobody could have imagined, If his main target bank and related projects, and people would.

Nothing is random and unnecessary - it was the principle of Chekhov's dramaturgy. was not random, the first, As a newly arrived, "Dream" was put in place, National Bank was to, politically neutral body, FMS and its separate government (the Prime- Minister) subordinate transfer. Events after the worst-case scenario developed - the central bank's banking supervision department were separated and created a separate agency. At the same time the National Bank was going to attack the government, Majority, Managed by the "experts" and the non-manager, Ivanishvili. Finally, Political Forces, Non-governmental organizations and international financial institutions as a result of pressure, In this process, the authorities have failed to finish and took the idea to finally implement it. formally was used by the Constitutional Court, where more than one year during the "multitude" of the law, as "anti-constitutional". government to pull one back- One reason for the bank's leadership was changed (because of the expiration of their term of office) and National Bank of informal managers more acceptable to the people manning.

The manipulation of the limitation period

Bank of dealing with the political and private interests motivated, The alleged violations were "remembering" ("Discovery") History and law enforcement agencies, FMS and repressive steps taken by the National Bank of character witness.

The criminal case under the Money Laundering (194-Article 3 of the) moved, for the most serious crimes are. This is because it took, such that, The limitation period for the crime 30 years. In other cases, the person is exempt from criminal responsibility - a less serious crime six years. TBC Bank's main shareholders and at the same time the Supervisory Board Chairman and Deputy eleven-year-old is accused of actions. Another article, In addition to the above clause to money laundering (even if the fraud, Credit illegal adoption, Hide Tax, Money laundering is less severe form or other similar, misdemeanor), If the limitation period expired, a person can not be punished.

Criminal proceedings for money laundering, As further developments showed (Interior Minister alleged threatening letter and other), It took the bank's largest shareholder, (which 20 Interest holders are), International reputation shesalakhavad, It raises serious doubts, that these events are not only related to the bank and take out attack on goal and five deep water ports to their removal and replacement by other people who were.

If a criminal offense in violation of the National Bank of regulatory?!

If you look at the article, the criminal, Even arapropesionalebistvisa is identifiable, Here we are dealing with that money laundering does not. The objective of the trial to determine, However, the judicial system of the present deplorable state of the, the opposite can happen. Whether it was the other, Under the severity of economic crimes, it would not be known objectively court, because the final decision will take the non-managing domestic and international pressure, including five from the perspective of the project and the estimated personal interests.

TBC Bank, despite, National Bank of the decisions challenged in court, Ultimately, London Stock Exchange to halt the bank's stock price to a sharp drop in the bank's administrators and imminent harm to the image of the, as well as the country's financial sector risks generating instability, National Bank agreed requirements: The Supervisory Board of the changes carried out in such a way, the founding shareholders, Mr. Khazaradze and Badri Japaridze will not be represented in its composition, Bank halted court dispute against the National Bank and paid for by the National Bank imposed a fine of one million.

In the above sanctions imposed by the National Bank of TBC Bank, It was also the fact, the banks were banned from issuing loans and Badri Japaridze for Mamuka Khazaradze, and related entities, as well as to request the Supervisory Board selected two new members of minority stockholders favorites.

What is based on the actions of the National Bank? As they explain, There was the bank's supervisory board chairman and his deputy's conflict of interest law violation, which 2007-2008 in transactions linked to. Check FMS 2018 year 7 August on the basis of the, The purpose of the "system of risk reduction" was. However, more than ten years ago to the current transaction risk is very suspicious sounds.

Despite this, The central bank gave no violations of money laundering qualifications, but also a violation of the regulations of the National Bank. refers to a conflict of interest and Bank Administrators and Related Parties Transactions Between Regulations violation. Apparently, It refers to the norms, according to which the bank is prohibited from granting loans to any of its administrators or its related entities, If such a person has been given loans exceeds the total amount of regulatory capital at the time set by a certain percent. In this case, the National Bank has the right to, to take appropriate measures - sanctions, monetary fines and dismissal of administrators.

- The National Bank did the right thing or not, When applied to the above sanctions? probably yes. But why, after eleven years?

– იყო თუ არა სან ქციები ადეკვატური? ალბათ არა. ზედმეტად მკაცრია.

– იყო თუ არა ეროვ ნული ბანკი თავისუფალი თავის ქმედებებში? unequivocally - not. He served as prosecutor (Informal manager) homework.

- Why are "remembered" FMS (which has turned into a tool of political persecution) ეს ამბავი ერთი ათეული წლის შემდეგ? ასეთი იყო შეკვეთა.

რაც შეეხება პროკურატურას, იგი არის ივანიშვილის დავალების შემსრულებელი. say - try to drag out the case, it will be - will be closed (qualify for change). What if you could go either way, This depends on many factors.

რომ არა ხანდაზმულობის ვადა, შეიძლება თუ არა, transaction in a less serious nature of economic crimes have been containing? Hard to say. The fact, რომ იმ დროისათვის ბანკის 80 პროცენტის მფლობელმა აქციონერებმა სესხი არ დააბრუნეს. ეს ფული ბანკის კაპიტალის ზრდას მოხმარდა. ამ ოპერაციის შესახებ საქმის კურსში ალბათ იყვნენ დანარჩენი აქციონერებიც, because this transaction has been the subject of authoritative accounting. most importantly, Shareholders affected nobody considers themselves.

This is scandalous and resonant story came out a lot of things revealed. მთავარი დასკვნა კი ის არის, რომ ბიზნესი თუ არ დგას ხელისუფლების (ამ შემთხვევაში ერთი ოლიგარქის) მორჩილ სამსახურში, ის არის დაუცველი. როცა ასეთი მრავალმხრივი იმუნიტეტის მქონე ბიზნესჯგუფს ამ მდგომარეობაში აგდებენ, რა მოუვა სუსტს?!

lawlessness and selective justice back to the turn of knowing. topma can fire! Other destinations. This does not want anyone. Enough!

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