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Batumi on the crossroads of empires

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the region is one of the main port city boasts multicultural business history. In the nineteenth century, in the interests of Nobel rotshildebisa and crossed.

Georgian ports complex history. geographic location contributed to the expedition, Poti and other smaller ports, advanced export / import become Towns. For the stable geopolitical situation in the region was needed. This is the latest component of the deficit observed in the history of the centuries.

partially possible to properly use the potential of ports, When he was studying a foreign power. This happened in the case of the Russian Empire, When 1877-1878 Over Russia- Turkish war, Batumi is the area at the back. in transit port- For Use. Especially noteworthy in the 1870's with the discovery of oil in Baku, the need for the transportation of the Caspian has come from Europe. The shortest way to the only Georgia Incorporated.

Batumi 19th century progressed in the last quarter of the economically active. for example, 1899 year in 366 Enterprise transferred. Their owners were Greeks, Turks, Persians, Poles, Englishmen, Germans, French and Italians even. 1902 According to the data, Batumi 285 If the ship loaded with oil passed navtita, As a result 54 573 000 puts up. 1908 on turnover according to the ports of Odessa and Batumi Petersburg 42,9 Futi million turnover was in third place in the Russian Empire.

1902 On the ship operated in the service 24 Society. The vast majority of English, French or German origin was. However, there were, such as the "Belgian anonymous society" if the Rotterdam navtmzidi American Society.

1901 year was accredited in Turkey, England, Greece, Italy, Japan and the Persian Consulates. Besides, Representatives were in the United States, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Austria-Hungary and Norway- Sweden.

1903 in America, Texas, discovered large deposits of oil, They started their operation and 1907 year US oil production is ahead of Russia. 1903 oil was discovered in India, birmasa and India's northeast- Evidently in the eastern province, which in turn slowed down the development of the future of Batumi.

However, the above picture from Batumi general industrial development, Getting back to the issue of oil. Baku-Batumi oil means of Change (manually transfer from trains to go) so sharply risen in the last quarter of the 19th century, the Baku-Batumi railway started to discuss the issue.

Baku- Tbilisi- Batumi railway construction 10 Rothschild invested millions of US Dollars. They also allocated credits to small enterprises oil.

In this area and crossed rotshildebisa Nobel interest. The situation 1882 in, in front of the Emperor Alexander's murder after II-, When the Imperial decree of the Russian Jews were forbidden to rent or buy land area. However, the law did not impact the plans and the Rothschilds' 1883 In Baku-Tbilisi Railway opened. Rothschild 1886 They also took in the famous Russian entrepreneurs, Bunga and palashkovskis company "Societé Commerciale et Industrielle de Naphte Caspienne et de la Mer Noire" (Caspian and Black Sea Oil Company), more well-known Russian abbreviation - BNITO.

Rothschild also founded in oil exports provided bidonebisa tin and their chests Holder Factory, which 469 people worked. year plant 2,8 million units produced kerosene Taras. Rothschild factory at that time very modern technologies were used - a, such as the steam engine.

Kerosene production of the containers of the powerful Rothschild compete with Georgian entrepreneurs. for example, 1885 In Batumi rikhnerma (1889 წლიდან ალექსანდრე მანთაშევის საკუთრებაში გადავიდა) და სიდერიდისმა ორთქლის ძრავაზე აწყობილი ორი ქარხანა გახსნეს, where 30 workers were employed.

1887 in competition with rotshildeb increased after, It set up a small enterprise khachaturiantsis (The enterprise products supplied Nobel), mantashevisa and brothers by tsovianovebis. thus, 20th century only in the oil container 5 Factory / sakarmo there. All of them are equipped with a mechanical workshops, სახერხი საწარმოებითა და საქვაბე განყოფილებებით.

Overall, მუშათა რაოდენობა ამ ქარხნებში/ საწარმოებში 2000 ადამიანზე მეტი იყო. production cost 7,4 million, reached, It was a pretty good indicator. As for the production of, for example, 1898 , about 22 million tin box, They Holder 11 More than a million wooden box made.

ასევე ნიშანდობლივია კიდევ ერთი ფაქტი ბათუმის შესახებ. 1900 წლისთვის პორტის საწარმოებში (ნავთის ტარის წარმოების გარდა) ხდებოდა ნავთობის გადასხმა საქაჩების მეშვეობით. არსებობდა 17 ორთქლის მანქანა 653 ცხენის ძალის სიმძლავრისა. იქვე მოქმედებდა რამდენიმე დინამომანქანა.

ასეთი იყო მე-19-20 საუკუნეების მიჯნის ბათუმის პორტის ძირითადი მახასიათებლები. პორტი, სადაც კონცენტრირებული იყო მსხვილი ევროპული კომპანიები და ის ქართული საწარმოები, რომლებიც მათ ხანდახან საკმაოდ მძლავრ კონკურენციას უწევდნენ. თუმცა აღსანიშნავია ისიც, რომ მე-20 საუკუნის პირველ ათწლეულში გამოიკვეთა მსხვილი კომპანიების მიერ პატარა კონკურენტების შესყიდვის დინამიკა. In fact, First World War period, Batumi port in general and in particular the industrial potential of the major international players in the hands of.


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